Issue with ED and Sex Drive Problem

I was stupid and jumped right on my 2nd cycle after I done pact for one month . And now I’m on primo 1000mg per week 500mg test per week.hcg 250mg eod ,hgh 4iu and proviron 800mg and now I’m having a hard time getting up and having bonded disire . So two days ago I went to doctor and did blood test and my result came back like this My E2 105.10 and normal range is 28.00-156.00 pmo l/l. Fsh 0.1 normal 1.5-12.4 iu/l. Lh 0.1 1.7-8.6 iu/l. , PGN 5.86. Normal 0.70-4.30 nmo l/l. ; PRL. 180.2 normal 81.8-183.4 uIU/ml. ,T. 38170. Normal 8640-29000nmol/L. My LH and FSh is almost zero … any help with it would be appreciated .

well firstly you’ve posted this in entirely the wrong section of the forum.

Secondly - what the fuck were you thinking? Those doses are INSANE for a second run.

Should I lower my primo to 600mg ?

Interesting that your progesterone and prolactin are high from a primo test cycle. Hmm… sounds like it’s cut with nandrolone? Regardless, on the simple level that’s probably your problem. Other things of notice- your testosterone is extremely low for 500mg plus with the high dose proviron. I’m assuming no AI? (You don’t need one with your results, just asking)

Just bumped up to 500 this week , and I’m not using an is yet . My proclaim is high do I need to take something to balance it ?

Doing gear without anastrozole and E2 high. That was very expected.

LH/FSH are always–>zero on gear, even 100mg/week TRT.

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but my e2 is in the normal range and do you think it is the prolactin causing low libido.

You have to understand that these “normal ranges” are from a statistical normal curve created from a sample group of males that were considered healthy. But that include males with a whole spectrum of typical hormone problems.

From years experience in the T-replacement forum, it is recommended that guys get near E2=22pg/ml - 80 pmol/L. That seems to be optimal for libido, mood, energy, sexual performance and initiative.

Your E2=105 is ~30% above target

Prolactin also affects libido and you need to get that fixed.

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