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Issue with Chest


So I've been lifting since January seriously with the 5/3/1. Im making great gains in all three of my major lifts. My weakest lift is my bench. My chest has never really been defined or toned. I was overweight due to not growing until I grew 2 years ago. I went from about 6'1" to 6'5" in two years. I weigh about 196 right now. Im not chubby or anything.

The thing is my nipples are floppy/big and it makes me chest just look awful. You would think that someone as tall as I am at this weight would be a stick but I'm not. I do 100 push-ups a day and incorporate chins and pulls on every lifting day to help increase my bench. I was just wondering if bench and all these other exercises would help my nipples become less floppy. Cause when they are hard due to me being cold or w/e, my chest looks fine. I know I'm about to get flamed but this is a serious question. Thanks


I had a slight problem with this about 4 years ago, I had the surgery done. 2 visits pre - op, and $3000 dollars later its all good. No pain, really easy ordeal, after it was done I wished I had done it sooner.


OP... sounds like you could possible have a case of gyno. Here is a pretty extensive thread that is all about gyno that you should look through:


If you posted a picture you could get better responses, but at your height and weight you're just going to need more overall mass. Once you build up more and more muscle you should look more "filled out" and that should make it so that your chest isn't "floppy" looking.

I dont know if doing pushups and pull ups ever day is really going to help you with getting a bigger bench... what assistance template are you using while you're doing 5/3/1?

what are your lifts looking like?


What other exercises are you doing for your chest besides bench? At what frequency? I have found that to improve your bench using 5/3/1, more frequency and/or more volume is needed. You might benefit from more as well.


Well here are my three lifts
-Bench 105-140, havent determined max
-Deadlift 215-275 "" ""
-Squat 145-205 "" ""

My bench assistance exercises are mostly push ups everyday, pulls and chins every time I lift. For some time I was doing dumbbell bench


so you're not following one of the 5/3/1 assistance templates?


No not really, Wendler says himself that the assistance exercises are not a major issue. Im just incorporating chins and pulls b/c I'm a beginner. I will incorporate some of the exercises when I progress further.


On the issue of gyno, when my nipple becomes hard or erect my chest looks perfectly fine, its just when my nipple is limp or not erect. My thought, like you said was that when my chest became more developed I would be ok. Still not sure.


try not doing 700 pushups a week, do some proper bench assistance (bb rows and dips) on the bench day, and see the improvement


Agreed gyno. Puffy nipple syndrome. Get your estradiol levels checked.


Assistance exercises might not be a big deal when you can bench 450, squat 650 and deadlift 730 raw. At your level I would take them more seriously.


Read the PLP article. author explains how his client gained much more from PLP 60 day cycle vs 100 push ups a day. just search PLP love it.


I had read the article before and like it. The thing is that I cant make it to the gym everyday. Its just not possible. So theres no way for my to do the pull ups.


you probably carry more fat in your chest. everyone is different and it could be that you're just carrying fat in your chest that makes it stick out like that.

build more muscle and it'll look better... seriously though... knock off that 100 pushups a day crap and start doing some real assistance exercises. pick one of the assistance templates and do that because doing pushups isnt going to cut it.


How does this make any sense? Improving your bench press, involves pushing MORE weight. How exactly will a non-progressive bodyweight exercise like a push up improve that?

IMO, 5/3/1 is not what you need right now. Following wendler's advice will put you at a 5lb increase per month, meaning it will take you 16-22 mo to hit 225...something you SHOULD definitely be hitting within your first year of serious training.

Also, can you post a pic so we know exactly what we're dealing with here?


In the 5/3/1 template, Wendler even says push ups are a good assistance exercise. I know what you are saying though and I am going to begin doing dips, and follow one of the templates. As for using the 5/3/1 for bench in the post above, I also thought the same that the increase of 5 was too little and was wondering if just increasing it to 10 would be ok.


Increase it as much as you can. There is absolutely no reason to not push more weight if you can do it. You should be able to put on 10lbs a month for at least 3-4 months if you're doing things right, since you're a noobie :slight_smile:


do you even know the what 5/3/1 is?

you're working of a sub maximum max of 90% so that you're able to progress on reps each week. You put on more weight and you push more reps. If he goes in right now trying to use his actual max he wont be putting on 5 (or more) lbs every week.

You know that you're supposed to go for max reps on your last set right?

If you're going to do 5/3/1 (or any program for that matter) do what the damn program says. As a beginner you probably shouldnt be doing your own program or taking liberties with someone elses program. Its a successful program and Wendler knows a hell of a lot more than you or I and has a hell of a lot more experience. stick with the program or dont claim to be doing 5/3/1 and say its not working for you or whatever.


If its a actual hard mass more than just an issue with fat / floppy chest, being more developed wont correct it. As your chest grows the mass is still on the outside of the pec muscle so it just rides on out with your chest, I had no fat per-say just a knot, the more developed my chest became the worse it looked :confused:


I know the program. I know how it works. But I also can use my own brain.

What I'm saying is - don't short-change yourself by adding 5lbs mindlessly if you can put on 10. If your gains don't allow it, then don't do it. But if you're doing 10 reps on your last set of week 3, up the poundage accordingly for the next cycle!

My comment was within the parameters of the program. Perhaps I should have been more specific. If you're increasing the weight so much that the "1RM" you base the weights off of is your actual 1RM, then there's a problem.