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Issue with a Contractor/Vendor


I’m putting a wood burning fireplace in my house. This past weekend I cut the hole in the side of my house and pretty much spent both days on the construction for the bump out to make this work. The only thing that needs to be done at this point is to put the siding back on. It was quite and job not to mention I spent about $500 on this bump out.

The dude from the fireplace shop came out to my house at one point and I told him what I was planning and he said that would be fine. However, we talked about coming out 16", well I could only come out 15", he seen what I was working with. Anyway, there is no way this could all be changed at this point. He was at my house today so I’m getting 2nd hand info from my mother, but she told me that he said I need to go out another 2".

Anyway, I will talk to him today sometime, but here’s my real question. If this can’t happen for me, I gave him a $1600 deposit. There is nothing on any of my paper work that says anything about a restocking fee or cancelation fee or anything like that. What rights do I have with this? Should I just bend over a while or what??? Can he legally keep my money? Or can my credit card help with this???