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Issue regarding meal timing and GI levels...


I have problems with becoming over satiated when consuming massive amounts of food at once time, so I prefer to spread out my P/C meals over the 6 hour PWO window, but without the 2 hour seperation between the meals. Is this going to adversely effect GI levels? I do seperate PF and PC by two hours, however. Same question applies to PF meals, although I suppose it's more important in that case. If I eat smaller amounts of PF every hour, will that be negative as opposed to a big PF every two hours?

As a side question, if I get hungry during the PC and PF conversion, are sources of just protein an acceptable meal? Example would be 2-3 oz chicken or tuna... I was under the impression that meat had a low GI but high II, which would mean the P snack between would be bad...


I don't believe I have a nice, scientific answer for you..

But let me add my 2cc.

You're getting into some minute details here, that, in practice, are not going to determine whether or not you get results.

Your body is going to do what it needs to do with the energy you give it. You are already eating properly spaced meals with a caloric surpluss and enough protein and EFAs and all that jazz to get results.

Regarding post workout, total amount of carbs consumed is the most important thing. This is more important than rapidly digesting carbs immediately post workout as well, although IDEALLY that would be the type to use.

If you need to split up the meals in order to get them down without exploding, then fine, by all means do so. In fact, it may be a slightly easier way for your body to utilize them. After all, we already eat 6+ meals a day, wouldnt 8-10 smaller meals be even better? Hard to say. Again, total caloric intake is the most important thing.

If you take this one step further, you get into the realm of constant IV nutrient drip crap.

So anyways...I think you're sweating a lot of details which won't make a difference in practice. Get your numbers of macronutrients in daily through the means which allows you to DO IT. That's whats important.

If I am totally off base here one of the resident smart ones will come and set us both straight. =P

Meal timing is another one of those things that is based on theindividual.

Some people with inhuman metabolisms can eat 4 big meals and get away with it. I take the opposite approach. I eat constantly. My day is one long meal. I take in vast ammounts of protein through supplement and regular dietary sources. My daily split is usually 60protein/30fat/10carb. With the constant food intake, my body does not destroy muscle in order to provide energy. On days I work (yeah having a job sucks, throws of my diet and training), I load up on carbs which is a nice little insulin spike and builds up glycogen stores. Before I go to bed I have to eat protein that digests slowly,eggs or a casien supp.
Like I said, this works for me. A downside is waking up in the middle of the night from hunger.


Chill winstaaan....
as long as you are getting the high GI carbs with fast acting protein post workout, you should be fine.
generally i would progressively lower the GI of the P+C meals post work out (ie high GI at the gym -->last PC meal being low GI carb meal maybe beans/oats etc)


Just curious, where did you get the idea of a 6 hour post workout window? Everyone seems to have a different idea, so I'd really like to stary keeping track of where these things get started.
BTW-According to the scientific literature the windows are 1h (and decreases thereafter) for carbs 48 hours for protein metabolism