Issue on the Snatch

I am looking for some pointers on how to improve my hip drive and bumping the bar up on the snatch. I’ve been doing the lifts for yes, and my snatch is around 105, and I feel the rest of my technique is pretty solid, I just cannot get the hang of bumping the bar on my hip crease in the snatch. The clean isn’t an issue. I like to blame it on being 6’4, but I’m not sure that is a valid excuse.


Keep the shoulders relaxed until the point of explode. The only thing tight is your grip.

Keep your butt down throughout the lift. If you find your butt raising, do deadlifts to knee and hold for a few seconds. It’s a lower back issue. If your pubic bone is hurting any you are doing it WRONG! I learned this the hard way.

I was taught to curl my hands in in order to rotate the bar easier as the hands are pulled into the torso when standing straight up right at the point of explode.

It’s no different a movement than the clean. The hands are further apart, that’s it. If you aren’t making the bar “sing,” you’re not pulling right and jerking your shoulders after relaxing at the point of explode.

My snatch is only 70kg and I’ve only been training for 4 months so take what I’m gonna say with a basketful of salt.

Anyway, I found that the best exercise to train the hip drive is the hang lifts. When doing hangs make sure that you use “head lead” which I think is actually some kind of (hyper)extension of the neck. This will make you bend backwards somewhat and depending on who’s saying, it can be desirable or not. And of course you should also focus on exploding/extending the hip.

The shoulders/arms relaxed advice is always a good one.

Your opening up too early is my guess and not keeping the bar close to you and being patient here. Be patient so you can pullt he bar closer, delay the start of the 2nd pull. This will help to make contact. When you do make contact, keep going UPWARDS, don’t just thrash the bar out as that is not what you want.