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Issue #4

Just got my fourth issue of the paper mag. Very informative with a good mix of articles.
Great job, guys!

Thanks, Adam! We’re putting together #5 already and it’s looking good. Look for new columns by John Berardi and that Shugs fellow, plus a few surprises.

Yes, you have done a great job again! However, I expected all “original” material (i.e. stuff not already on the web) as was promised (I think). Oh, well, reruns of the good stuff is fine too because I know I would miss Poliquin’s article about triceps exercises.

How was the finasol article? I wonder If it will make it to the website?

I got mine too a few days ago. Keep up the great work. You guys are really resetting the bar on magazine format, style, drug,training and supplement information. Even the old MM2000 pales in comparison to what T-mag is currently doing. Can’t wait to see issue #5. Keep it going!

Roman- No, we’ve always stated that the paper mag will contain a few “best of” articles from the web. All of the columns (Strasseroids, Heavy Metal, Appetite for Contruction-starting next issue- Chemical Solution, Atomic Dog, Rater-X, Gang of Five, etc) will be new and not seen on the web. BTW, the fina info wasn’t in an article- although we’re working on one- it was part of Brock’s column. Also, we usually update the re-printed articles before they go into the paper mag. We did this with the Fat Fast and will do it for the Diet Manifesto for paper issue #5.

The paper issues also contain a few unique features like “The Testosterone Inquisitor” and, in the future, a column from me.

Thanks for the feedback, guys.

Let me say that I do not mind the reruns all that much – it is nice to have a copy of “the best of the best” articles printed on quality paper in color.

Just got mine too. Great issue! Interesting part about how many ads appear in the major mags. MuscleMag “won” with 144 ads and 153 pages of text. Ironman, Flex and M&F had more ads than info! T-mag had only 26 ads and 19 of them appeared in the Biotest catalog at the end. I wish the other mags did it that way.

I would prefer to see more new stuff. Along the lines of the ad comparison among magazines, I’d love to see more Consumer Reports type info. That was one aspect of MM2K that I thought was a step in the right direction. I realize RaterX is sort of addressing what I’m getting at but I’d like to see more reliance on quantifiable data rather than assigning a value based on scrotums and testicles(sounds like a new Chef-Boy-Ardee product).

Glad you guys like it! Tim and I had a little experiment done. We had the paper mag placed in a few Barnes and Noble bookstores just to see what it would do. We sold an average of 80% of the copies that were put out, and 50% is usually considered the “holy grail”.

So, with any luck, the mag should start appearing in some bookstores soon!

TC: What’s even MORE amazing about that 80% is that those Barnes and Noble Newsstands are HUGE! It would be easy to get lost between all the “Great Abs in 6 weeks” and “Men’s Physique,Fitness and Workout” magazines. OUTSTANDING!..and good luck on sales!