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Issue 4

When is issue 4 coming out? Need the info on finasol out of it.

Paper issue #3 of T-mag just came out, so it’s going to be a while before #4 hit the stands. Actually, we’re pretty much done with it, but the graphics department is still adding the master strokes. Then it’ll have to be sent off to the printers, etc.

You can probably find most of the Finasol info you need by searching the board or the mag. The current “Strasseroids” has some info. Brock will give a complete recipe and cycle info in issue #4 however.

Issue 4? What about issue 3!!!?? I’m still waiting for that bad boy to show up in the mailbox! It’s getting a little depressing when I check the mailbox everyday and it’s not there!

1-800-530-1940 Call’em up and see what’s up with your subscription. I think they’ve all been mailed now.

Hot Damn! I finally got it today! Yahoo!