Issue 300

so I guess its going to be huge huh?

can wait

They didn’t celebrate 200, so I doubt 300 will be any different.

Although … we ARE hearing about a re-design of the whole site, AND we know Methoxy-7 is at the marketing stage (Shugart said he saw sample labels), AND they have been giving away a LOT of stuff in the past 2 weeks, drawing LOTS of lurkers out into the open.

Almost makes you think that there WILL be some big news tonight, eh? (OK. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking.)

I love this place.

I been around since issue 25 and the gang at T-Mag always amaze me with the article content, contests, and just being an all around good company.

Something big for 300 would be cool, but so would another column from TC along with some info from Cy, JD, and the rest.

Thanks to T-mag and here is to 300 more.

As I sit here, reading, I noticed both Shugart and Patterson were online. I rushed like a paparazzo over to this thread, to see if they were adding something. Ah well. No huge announcements.

STILL a good issue. STILL the best reading material every Friday night. STILL my favorite website and supplement company.

Thanks for the nice words in this thread!

We are planning some very cool, very exciting new things, but we want everything to be just right when we launch them. Would have been nice to launch it all in issue #300, but it just didn’t work out.

I’m not sure how much Tim and TC want me to say here, but maybe I can get away with a few hints. Let me put it this way: pretty soon you’re going to feel very anxious if you don’t get to log into T-Nation at least once per day. You’ll feel like you’re missing something vital that will help you reach your physique goals.

And you know what? You will be. Miss one day and you’ll miss a ton.

Add new graphics, the T-Jack Reports, more frequent Guest Forums, more giveaways and you’ll go into withdrawal if you miss more than two days of the action.

Actual conversation I had with Tim:

Tim: Let’s do more contests.

Me: Okay, how about we give away some HOT-ROX?

Tim: How about we give away a custom motorcycle every month?

Me: Gulp.


holy crap!

Best…episode…er, company…ever!


This reminds me of marketing class back in high school.

Me and a friend came up with a sporting goods store that always had sumosuit wrestling rings to use, midget basketball shows, security guards dressed up as football players who will tackle you whenever you ask, weight lifting pandas… Of course, all of this was free.

Our teacher told us that giving out so much free stuff would lead to our business going under.

Now, I can go meet that teacher today, and point to Biotest to show our idea would have worked.

As far as the site redesign goes, is there any possibility of cutting down on the graphics? Downloading the t-mag frontpage can be pretty painful at 56k.

“pretty soon you’re going to feel very anxious if you don’t get to log into T-Nation at least once per day. You’ll feel like you’re missing something vital that will help you reach your physique goals.”

uhh…i already do this. before i leave to work i skim the forums. i read it all day at work. first thing i do when i get home is get on. stay on for hours on end while i talk to young freaks on aol. then i give one last check during my pre bed meal. basically i cant eat a meal without reading t-mag at the same time. jesus christ, is there something wrong with me? is my life lacking in some area that i have to resort to this. i think i need a psychiatrist.

I must say that it would be pretty cool to show up at Americade in Lake George Riding a Custome T-Mag motorcycle!!!

Then off to Daytona Bike Week…

Show everybody a T-Man riding a T-Bike…now there’s an idea.

P-dog, it’s definitely a possibility.


I have been in psychic contact with Tim and he told me you can tell us everything about what is coming up.

He also said that the only way to give away the motorcycle is to pm me and you can trust me to pm everybody else about the contest.

No, really. Would I lie?

Oh yeah, 300, WOOHOO!! (Next week we celebrate 301.)

Shugs, would you guys quit all this giveaway bullshit already! This site is addictive enough as it is. I do have to go to work, you know. I do have a life outside of this forum you know. Really, I do. I think. Bastards!