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Issue #299: Can O' Whoop Ass

Open the can and find:

Atomic Dog: Medicinal Steroids by TC
(TC takes on George W. in his own State of the Anabolic Union address.)

Program Design 101 by Mike Robertson
(Who needs a training guru? Design your own damn program!)

The Steroid Interviews by Chris Street
(Let the controversy begin. An actual MLB player reveals his steroid cycle. Shit, mean fan.)

Stuff We Like by Chris Shugart and John Koenig
(Chris and John get drunk, then test out sex toys on Houston Texans cheerleaders. Oh wait, turns out they just tested training gadgets, then went home alone.)

Construction by Adduction by Eric Cressey
(Learn to train the hip adductors! We predict adductors will be the “new abs” of this summer! Get 'em “toned” now!)

News and Reader Mail
(Where newbies and vets alike get knowledge dropped on them, sometimes painfully.)

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Construction by Adduction
by Eric Cressey
Kick ass this how we do it…

Yellow Adda get your lift on Pat

Yeeeeeeea dam!
Now swat mmmm Talk’n bout

I gotta call bullshit on the reader mail from “Brandon”. Nobody that fucking stupid could possibly compose a legible email, let alone spell his own name. You guys are making that shit up.

You’d be surprised, tme. Lots of stupid folks out there with e-mail accounts. TC has written about some of the really nutty letters we get in his column.

There are some messed up people out there using steroids; the worst ones don’t even bother to look at the roid boards and articles before starting.

And I’ve seen posts just as dumb as Brandon’s on our own often embarrassing steroid forum.

Chris, I apologize then, and I sincerely feel sorry for you guys who have to sift through that pill of stuff. Darwin was right, though, and guys like Brandon probably won’t be around to contaminate the gene pool too long.


what ever happened to the story you were doing on the martial arts guy trying to bulk him up? How’s he doing?

tme- No prob. One of my first jobs at T-mag was to answer some of the leftover letters we didn’t use in Reader Mail. (This was 4-5 years ago.) Some of the questions were so stupid I thought they had to be jokes. They weren’t. Not just steroid stuff either. I think most of these letters came from young teens who started firing off e-mails the first day they found the site. Most people who actually read the articles would never ask those questions.

Quick example. Back when we sold Androsol, we got an e-mail from a guy who said it didn’t work for him. He said he was training hard so I took his word for it and started helping him via e-mail with his diet, which was pathetic. Nothing. No muscle gain. Finally I asked him about his “hardcore” training. He was “power walking.” No kidding.

I learned very quickly not to take a person’s word for it when he says things like “Yeah, I’m training hard” and “Sure, my diet is right on target.” Now I ask, “Define that please.” Lesson learned!

greekdawg - The second part of the article is done but we haven’t run it yet. Nick has been delayed a bit by illness, but his results are still pretty impressive. He’s up 19 pounds and his performance has greatly improved.

Now he wants to cut up a little before we do final pics. He only needs to drop a couple of pounds of fat though. I would advise against cutting at this stage, but knowing his pics will appear in T-mag he wants to drop what little fat he gained in the process, so that’s understandable.

Program Design 101:

I like it!

Put a lot of information together that I had read before, but never thought about in that structured of a way.

Great article.

Dan “I’m trainin’ hard: Raquetball three days a week.” McVicker

I agree with Mister McVicker.

I love it when “simple facts” are compiled into an article as a review (or introduction depending on experience).

Props also to Eric Cressey for another article about “forgotten” muscles that need to be worked.

PROGRAM DESIGN 101 - what a great article, i’ll make use of this article for a long time to come. Once you know the principles of designing a program your imaginaiton is your only limitation.

Construction by Adduction

A special thanks to Patricia Smith for posing for these exercise descriptions…

Wow, you’re not kidding! I don’t claim to have much of a background in either computational physics or applied mathmatics, but based on the single plate load in the picture combined with the text of ~30% of 1RM would place her at a 1RM of around 450 for the barbell lunge! You guys are killing me. (Not to mention my adductors.)

Great article with a good program. I’ve been looking for some additional exercises to work the adductors - Thanks!


It is magnificent. What are you going to do for an encore for #300?

T-Bone2: I’m using 10kg bumpers in that pic.