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Issue #2 is Out!!!

JD, there are real people demonstrating most of the exercises in issue #2. Buck naked Penthouse Pets, actually. No, just kidding. Chad Ikei, National Olympic Weightlifting champ, demontrates most of the exercises, fully clothed, I might add.

Also, there are many new, original articles that haven’t been posted as well as a few “best of” articles that have been posted on the web site. In the future you’ll see more new articles, updated articles, and a few double duty columns. In other words, the paper mag will have never before seen Rater-X and Strasseroids columns, etc.

Appreciate the feedback on the graphics. In my opinion, they look great and they really set T-mag apart from the other muscle mags. To each his own though. As for the web site, it will always be updated with several new articles every week as usual (for free). Thanks for the suggestions.