Issue #171, A Review

Good stuff in this week’s issue!! I like the new “Alternative Pharmacist” column. Really cool cutting edge stuff. TC’s estrogen article proved that the guy has some science under his belt and isn’t just that crazy person we know from his atomic dogs. Chris Shugart’s “Cheat Sheets” article really summed up a lot of Ian’s ideas and made then easy to understand and apply. Can’t wait for part two.

Strasseroids was good, as usual, and I really like seeing the pics. Good essay by Ron Harris. Entertaining with a nice lesson at the end. Hell, even reader mail has some solid info on diet and training, although I hate to see those supplements go “bye-bye”. But reading about 4-AD-EC in Brock’s article got me excited about the future. Tim’s column is always interesting, although it was a repeat this week. Well, that’s my review. Two thumbs way up for the T-crew!!

I am glad that you liked this weeks e-zine and my column! T-mag and the staff always amaze me with good new interesting articles each week. I also think it is a great business decision to limit products and to slowly introduce well-researched ones prior to becoming a me-too (Twinlab for instance) type of company. Heck if you want the carbs with the Advanced Protein, throw in a banana or some Lactaid milk or mix the vanilla with apple juice/water combo (it tastes better than it sounds) with crushed ice, of course.

i think a training article was missing

steve- the ‘cheat sheets’ article had a lot of training info, but not a specific program.

its better to have a guide than a program btw. guides can be applied to fit your own needs, easily, can’t say the same about programs. Doug, where can someone pick up some of those herbs?

Yes, thouroughly enjoyed Doug Kalman’s column this week and thought it made a great addition to the magazine. Hope to see more of the same in the future.

I think specific training programs are good for those with minimal experience, but later the other types of article, like the Cheat Sheets article, are more helpful.

The herbs mentioned in my column could probably be most easily obtained through a flower or seed company. The trick is in learning how to cultivate the plants and then to treat the plants in order to get what you want out of it (much like a new girlfriend, I think…) I am sure they are available online, do a search, I can’t give away all of my secrets now…

yea but ya know what? since I’ve read all of Ian’s articles, Basically I didn’t need that article! I’d rather have a new program from ian designed to increase speed(for example) than to bring up old points already mentioned in back issues

steve here’s an idea, make your own program using those points.