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ISSA Nutrient Calculator Thoughts...

Can someone look at this and tell me what they think?

When I put in my information:

Over 28% BF (I know, I know)
Moderate activity
Adult recreational exerciser

My stats:
BMR - 2504
Total Daily Calories Burned - 3512

Daily protein: 172g
Daily fat: 59g
Daily carbs: 574g

The dieting adult choice does not change much.

Is this even remotely correct?

What about this one?



That’s similar to the calculation I was tought when getting my CFT through the ISSA. Later on today I’ll post what I can from the Big Book.

As for the recommendations, fuck that. Unless the client is a marathon runner at the pro level, there’s no whey (pun) in hell they should be taking in that many carbs with so little protein and fat.