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ISSA/Fitness Trainer


Anybody have any input/experience with ISSA and becoming a certified fitness trainer? They're in every issue of every magazine I read. Just wondering if it's worth it or another mail order rip-off.


Thats who I'm certified through. Its decent but in the end all you are doing is paying for a piece of paper as they are all almost the same. The ease with ISSA is it can be done on your own time at home. It was so easy that I did it when I was studying for finals.


Thnx PGA--Did you bother with the seminar?


Nope. I didnt see the need.


Just like any certification it's only a beginning.

I would suggest looking into either the NSCA CPT (no degree required) (or CSCS if you have a degree in anything)

or NASM _ if you don't have a degree

Both of these will give you more info IMO when training clients, but like mentioned it will be just a start.


If you request materials, they will call you non-stop badgering you to buy. I was looking to go with them, but their nonstop high pressure sales, to the point of calling me twice a day at work, put me off.