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Israeli Court Sentences Dog to Death



A Jewish court is convinced a dog is "the reincarnation of a secular lawyer who insulted the court's judges 20 years ago" because it made its way in to the court and they couldn't get it to leave. The court then sentenced the dog to death by stoning and ordered local childeren to carry out the punishment.



How is this article not from The Onion?


Those secular lawyers suck. I had one come back as a mailman once so I stoned it to death. That's how I got into jail to begin with. The secular magistrate didn't believe my story.


So a dog, a species man domesticated to generally like to be around people, was hanging around people and this was OBVIOUSLY a sign from beyond.

I will never understand the level of crazy some people operate on.


How much weed will it take to kill a dog by being stoned?


I had a secular law come back as my dick. I punish it sometimes by fucking fat chicks, or what Mark Grace used to call "slump busters".


From what I hear there is a lot of insanity in this country.


Weed won't kill you or any other animal unless you ingest about 40,000 times the dose that is required to get you high.
Even then, it's not certain.
They used crack rocks for this stoning.


The dog got away

If I was a kid and was ordered to stone a dog, I'd tell the judge to go fuck himself. If it was a person... maybe, but I would never harm a dog.


Its a hoax. Israeli media was all over it, with lots of (ignorant) malicious joy, but it was exposed as a hoax.
Basically, Orthodox Jews do not believe in reincarnation, so that sould have been a clue..
Its not mentioned in the Bible, Talmud or Mishna. That construct was introduced by the Kabalah, which is viewed with a lot of suspicion by the orthodox.


Well played


NO! You mean a bullshit story that makes Israeli Jews look bad coming from the left-wing media? Surely not!

'And then the newspaper took it all back: On Wednesday, Maariv published a retraction apologizing for printing false statements and inflicting emotional pain on Rabbi Levin'

Couldn't see that one coming. I wonder how many people around the world who read that story aren't aware that it's complete bollocks?


It's not making Israeli Jews look bad, it's making orthodox Jews look bad. And the orthodox Jews don't really need anyones help to look bad, they manage that quite well themselves.


..Or as they call it here, "mission accomplished". As Gideon Levi recently said, facts are irrelevant to his truth.


LOL.. took me a while to get that!


Is there a link for the retraction of the statement?


You'll need some help from a Hebrew-reading friend:

Tried finding an English source, but google is flooded with "Kikes stone dog", "Evil Jews Order Children to Stone Dog to Death" and such.
That's what I meant when I said, "mission accomplished".
p.s. even according to Kaballah, there's no "de-evolving" when reincarnating. A human will not be reincarnated as a dog etc.


google translate does a reasonable (if sometimes funny) job..



It's telling that people would be inclined to believe such a tale in the first place.


Why not?

There's something equally ridiculous in the news every week that ends up actually being true.