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Isopropyl Myristate?

Does it really help increase permeability and absorption for prohormones? And as a side note, why does everyone seem to respond so much better on Nandrosol than Androsol? Of course there are no clear cut answers, but it seems to be a definite trend.

No. My academic research in transdermal
delivery uses IPM, making me quite familiar
with it, and it is not suitable for use
in an alcohol spray formulation intended
to deliver a steroid.

It has the property of increasing rate
of delivery (not efficiency, but rate)
when the amount on the skin is sufficient
to draw out skin lipids
, which is an
irritating effect and would also have
you being quite oily.

No one has shown a super light film,
something comfortable for you to get
dressed with, gives any increase in
rate of delivery. And when the mechanism
for the increase in rate is understood,
one sees that a very light film on the
skin could not be expected to give any
increase in rate.

Also note that increasing rate would
not be beneficial. The coating would
be depleted faster and you’d run out
of prohormone before your next application
(if it worked to increase rate, which it
can’t be expected to do.)

Use in small amounts is beneficial however
with regards to skin feel, with products
that otherwise would dry the skin, e.g.
a hydroalcoholic gel.

In the case of an alcohol delivery system
for a steroid, a system designed to give
the skin a very light, tightly bonded
amorphous coat of steroid, IPM is totally
inappropriate because it interferes with
the bonding of the 4-AD to the skin.

The reason for use of IPM elsewhere is a
sad one, a case of bungled corporate espionage
basically, and an unwillingness to correct the
error, since the claim of “penetration enhancement” sounds like a superior feature.
However, it’s just a mistake.

I’ve used the androdiol spray with the IPM in it, and it seems to work better than Androsol (and there’s no crystallization), but after using it for two weeks or more my skin starts shedding (like a bad case of full-body dandruff). Not sure if it’s from the IPM, but from what Bill says, it could be. Plus the spray bottle on that product is a piece of junk; it leaks and sprays like a hose.