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Recently while on my job I was nosing around in the chemicals and found a 55 gal. drum of isopropanol alcohol listed at 99%! Is this the same alcohol used in androsol?? I think it is but im not certain.If so it looks like i’ll be takin my empty androsol bottles to work with me for a fill up. I’m tryin finasol right now for the first time and it rocks! The only thing that pisses me off is it’s so sticky my sprayer gets clogged. Any imput would be appreciated…later

Iaopropyl alcohol is rubbing alcohol. It is what is in androsol? You can get it at any grocery store too.

grocery store rubbing alcohol is only about 70% the other 30 is water. it would’nt be a good choice for a finasol mix. thats why I was curious about the 99% isopropanol