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Isometrics on Off Days?



Here is my current routine:

Mon: Back/Biceps & Deadlift
Tues: Chest/Triceps & Bench Press

Wed: Off

Thus: Back/Biceps
Fri: Chest/Triceps & Legs (& Squats)

Sat & Sun: Off

I recently purchased a book called the "Isometric Power Revolution" by John Peterson. It is a complete book of isometrics using only ones body and little equipment (i.e. not like the isometric article on T-Nation).

I was wondering if I could incorporate some isometrics into my routine on the off days, with the hope of becoming stronger to be able to lift more on lifting days.

How does this sound?



The off days are for your body to recover to a higher level of strength than you had on your previous "on" day. Don't mess with that.

Instead, bring isometrics in on your "on" day. If you do them before the regular sets, (after warmup) you will find the weight feels lighter. Or you can do them after. Be sure to work multiple joint angles. Don't over use them.