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Isometrics in the Beast Building Program


I’m looking to start the Beast Building program. After going through some pure strength, low reps/high weight programs the last year, I’ve been stuck at pretty much the same weight at the big 4 lifts for a few months now. I feel like this program will give me the required shock effect to kickstart my body into adapting.

The questions I have concern the use of Isometrics and the Overload principle in this program.

1- What percentage of 1 RM should I use for Isometrics?
2- I’ve found some conflicting anwers regarding the specific use of isometrics. Will a static hold with a maximum contraction at a certain point in the lift do the trick?
3- During session 4, what weight (% of 1 RM) should I use for the partials, and how many reps are recommended?

Thank you in advance for the time and effort to respond!


That’s something I wrote close to 10 years ago. I honestly do not remember the details of the program