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Isometrics for Growth

I saw this video
Such setup it both hard to do in most commercial gyms and probably dangerous
So what I thought is setting the pins high,putting the bar on the pins,pressing it and isometrically holding it 1-2 inces before the lockout.Could something like this help produce growth(combined with lighter extensions) or it’s too complicated and won’t offer much more that regular heavy extensions?

If i understand what you mean, i wouldnt expect the static hold to produce the same benefits as the iso contraction. I think you’d be better off loading 100-200lbs over your max (or whatever is immovable), putting the bench further up and pressing against that in the rack.

You’ll probably get videoed and put on youtube though.

Fortunately I live in Greece where not many people know Exercises in futility.Otherwise that would be like asking for a place in gym idiots

Seriously though,the only reason I’m sceptical to try what you’re describing is cause I’m afraid of failing and killing myself

LOL set the pins just below the bar/j-cups

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Hahaha years ago I would have video’d that, but nothing surprises me anymore.

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In your videos, you are using what I’d call a “half rack.”

You have the “hooks” or “cups” or whatever you call them, and underneath are the “safety rails.”

Is it possible to raise the “safety rails” and push into the bottom, or underside of them? On some racks, they would just lift up or fall out. But some don’t move.

Maybe you could make some loops out of rope, and set them up like you would bands on the bar. Only they wont stretch at the top.

Lol never say never.

Actually you just gave me a great idea
If it works I’ll film it and and post it

If the whole rack flips over and its a disaster, we never spoke!

Lol.If I put 270 or so and manage to flip the rack I might get killed but at least I’ll die a happy man

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