Isometric Underhand "Face Pull"

I was wondering if anyone has done an isometric version of the underhand grip cable face pull.

I was laying on the floor supine doing this:

And randomly had a thought about putting my shoulders/hands in a similar position to the end range position for the underhand cable facepull Rusin is demonstrating here:

I made fists with both hands and put them near my ears then I did an isometric contraction by pushing into the floor with my forearms and fists as hard as I could. I could feel my mid/lower traps and rhomboids for the first time despite doing 100-300 underhand cable facepulls a few times per week for a couple months. It felt pretty good.

If it feels good, do it


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Try the Y to W while on the floor, also. Begin in the Y position, and while pressing the hands and forearms against the floor, slide into a W. Same muscle activation. Wicked.

I got some valslides. I bet this would be pretty wild putting fists/forearms on the valslides doing the isometric pressing into the floor while dynamically moving through the Y to W elbow/shoulder positions.