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Isometric Question

hey guys, just getting back into working out after my dislocated shoulder and i’ve got a few questions.

while i was on the sidelines with my shoulder i was reading a good amount on newer ways to work out hoping for faster ways to get back to where i was.

I’ve worked out for about 4 years now and was in amazing shape when i had my incident, my question is specifically about isometrics, i believe biceps were the example used when i read it before, if im doing my sets for biceps and finish off with holding the bar just under 90’ for 45 seconds that burns them real good,

my question is do you guys suggest isometric workouts for every muscle group, like a trap workout holding the shrug for 45 seconds? or for chest workouts doing the same thing (with a spot ofcourse heh)

im a large fan of this site and the knowledge you all have,



Christian Thibideau (sp) has done a lot with his programs and isometrics. They definitely work and can affect an area up to 20 degrees (in some cases) around the isometrically trained area.

I have personally used these methods to rehab my shoulder quite effeciently.

I don’t have Christian’s website on me, but someone on here does. In the 6th newsletter he put out, there is an exercise routine that utilizes isometric holds. One of my clients has gotten through some great sticking points using it.

oh ok, well hopefully someone posts that page


I’m confused about the 20 degrees figure for isos. I thought that isometrics in the stretched position (i.e., bottom of squat) carried over to the full range of motion. Am I entirely wrong about this? Is the apparent carryover just a result of momentum created by coming out of the stretched position quickly?

I have always found isometrics to be helpful, but only at the point where you are holding the bar. You get stronger in that specific position.

the page i read mentioned isometrics allowing more muscle recruitment than natural lifting techniques, this is a big plus if its true,

tonight i did my regular dumbell curls and then did a few sets of 45 second isometrics just past 90’, probably 100’ (on an iso-bench), by the time 45 seconds comes around you gotta lift the weight up with the other arm, it burns and ‘pumps’ real nice, whether it does as much as i feel is the question, any oppinions? isometric users?