Isometric grip work

Can I increase my grip strength by using isometric training? Say, something like squeezing a lacrosse ball?


If you use wrist straps, dump them. The ball works, but nothing works better than struggling to do heavy weight without straps. Bent over rows in particual, Pull ups with out help. I make sure my index finger pinches my thumb like Im signaling O.K. to help develop the grip.
I am currently training for my first power lifting competition. So this year I had to dump wrist straps and work out gloves. I hope this helps.Peace

what is it you want a stronger grip for?

dman - wrestling (handfighting) and lacrosse (face-offs).


Check out Ironmind’s website, those guys know where it’s at for grip. BTW Chris is there anyway you could get someone to write up the grip stuff like they have t-rone style? I get lost with the pinch grip, crush grip, and all that.

I got a couple captains of crush. I hurt my hand so I havnen’t used them much lately, but I think I have the strongest handshake of most of the people I know.

hmmm, i thought i would have some answers, but i don’t-- at this point in time… The only thing i can tell is, atleast for wrestling, its not really an isometric thing you want, its quazi isometric at best… not sure what the square off thing in lacrosse is…

I like hanging on a chinning bar for two sets to failure after my back or forearm work. It definately helps. Also stop using straps and switch to chalk. you can get a cool mountain climber chalk bag and chalk ball at EMS sports.