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Isomaltulose, Palatinose or Lylose

Isomaltulose, (aka Palatinose or Lylose) is promoted as a low GI carb (GI=32). Its an isomer of sucrose.
I’ve been looking at this stuff for a while, it has popped up on a couple of threds (e.g. the workout fuel types).

I haven’t tried it but I believe RSGZ has, has anyone else tried it?

What are your opinions? It’s pricier than Malto but not too expensive (in the UK its around £6.00 per kg same as WMS or about twice the price of Maltodextrin)

As an update, I’ve been using it in my own PWO shake for the past 8 weeks or so and am quite happy with it so far. I’m up to 216lbs now (from 206ish then), and even with all the cycling I do, I reckon this has helped me to add some of the weight and aid recovery.

I believe that Palatinose is the one of the carbs used in an unreleased Biotest recovery drink most of us know about - my current mix is as follows:

50g Whey
20g Palatinose
10g Dextrose
10g Maltodextrin
15-20g Leucine

I decided to try this as opposed to the traditional fast acting carb/protein mix and I’m quite happy so far. Plus my flavourings are very close to Chocolate Surge.

Thanks for that.
The reason I’ve been interested in it is that I’m currently reducing carbs to lose fat. I tried low carbs (less than 50g per day)- it just made me feel unwell, clammy and ‘off’ (BTW I was around 20 stone 7lb at the start, 10weeks ago I’m now 18stone 10lb)

The only good thing about low carbs was that hunger was much less than expected. I figured this was the insulin thing so began to look for low GI carbs. I seem to get on OK with Malto but wondered if Palatinose might be better.
Maybe your mix might be better to use, with a small amount of fast carbs to kick in the insulin after training then the slow carbs prevent the ‘crash’?

I’m currently training twice per week, Tue & Fri. heavy lifting followed by some cardio 30-50 mins, usually some form of intervals.
Cal/Carb intake on non-training days is <2700/~150g.
Cal/Carb intake on training days is

I guess you’re getting your Palatinose from My Protein?

[quote]Boffin wrote:
I guess you’re getting your Palatinose from My Protein?[/quote]


I’ll tell you, I’ve been chubby all my life and did not do well with carbs so low carb diets were really good for me when losing weight. My bulks consisted of clean low GI carbs or else I would just baloon up again.

Since I’ve been doing the riding to work on a bicycle I swear I eat any carbs (within reason) and am still gaining weight at around 1lb a week. I get to eat more and more of what I want all because I cycle 90miles a week - it’s a sweet deal.

It may be something to consider - I am going to try the G-Flux approach on my next cut sometime next year. That is, I’m going to continue cycling and eat just above maintenance. The cycling offsets me by about a 800-1000kcal deficit so that would keep me eating enough and I’d still be lifting 3-4x a week.

Are you carrying a lot of fat at that weight?

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