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Isolation Set Question

My workout setup is based off of the program design article on how I added 100 pounds to my deadlift.

It is-
Monday- press
Tuesday- squat
Thursday- bench
Saturday- deadlift

My question is… If doing rest pause for my isolation work at the end of the sessions to add size for the muscles involved in the lift for that day, how many sets / exercises would you suggest?

For example after my bench press session I want to bring up tricep size.
I usually do tricep extensions for one double rest pause set of between 6 to 10 reps on initial set and thats it.

Should I add a second set after a 3 min rest or add another exercise for another rest pause set? Thank you

For isolation work you can do 2 sets without issues

Thank you for the reply. Would you recommend resting a few minutes and repeating the same exercise or moving to another exercise for a second set?

Same exercise, I would rest a bit, but 3 min for isolation work is a bit long

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