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Isolation Exercises for Safety/Health?


Hey fellow destrominators! I was wondering what you're thoughts are on, and how many of you train, isolation exercises like curls and calf raises, for SM events?

I was doing research, after realizing that the calf of my injured Achilles tendon has actually gotten bigger and stronger than the other, non-injured one. I remembered that muscles are shock absorbers, and went to work researching. It turned out that stronger calves hep protect the tendon by absorbing more shock than the tendon, and that once the muscle becomes fatigued, the tendon absorbs more load. PS, I almost never train calfs.

So what do you guys think of isolation exercises for safety in SM?


Everything should be strong


x2 a chain is only as strong as its weakest link besides being strong makes anything awesome




Isolation is important. I train calves with my powercleans, and curls and face pulls with my log press. I think strongman is about total body training, not just getting strong/explosive/endurance. Gotta be healthy and mobile to be athletic, gotta be athletic to be a strongman.