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Isolation Exercises and Training Splits

Any strongman competitors here split their gym work up into body part splits along the lines of a bodybuilder? I know Poundstone does this for the most part.

Also, do many of you guys benefit from isolation exercises like curls and different raises for shoulders(lateral raises, front plate raises?) I’m not talking about goin in and doing leg extensions.

Does body weight training(dips, chins) lend itself well to strongman?

Yes, Yes, and Yes.

I know a few top strongmen who do isolation work, but not that often and not alot.

I like the isolation work more for a “prehab” benefit. I thinks BB/DB curls help with bicep health for the stones and tire flips. Same things with calf work for drag and pulling events when you are up on your toes the entire time. Plus, lets face it we all want to channel our inner bodybuilder from time to time.

I don’t do a body part split, but I am sure it would work just fine as long as you pick the right exercises and take caution not to over-train, especially if you have an events specific day. I prefer focusing each workout around a lift, such as bench, squat, deads, military/push press and events while using assistance work to help strengthen those lifts and activate weaker muscles.

The assistance work often includes isolation stuff like barbell curls, skull crushers, front/side raises, isometric-hold cable cross-overs, etc, but I will pick one movement, use heavy weight and call it good. It’s too easy to over-do isolation exercises, so keep it simple.

I also think body weight training is very important, especially dips and pullups/chinups since they work so many muscles and can really help increase all your other lifts (a strong back and strong chest will help almost every event).

More than you asked for, but I couldn’t help posting all four parts. It’s kind of an education in itself.