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Isolation Circuit Question

Hi Coach, refering below, to the example you gave for isolation circuits for the upper body, in a past thread, do you perform all these circuits after your heavy lifting - depending on heavy lifting volume - or limit it to 1-2 circuits?

Upper body performance isolation circuits
A1. Floor flies 10 reps
A2. Cable cross-over 10 reps
A3. Regular flies 10 reps

  • Perform circuit 3 times

B1. DB deadstart lateral raise 8 reps
B2. DB standing lateral raise max reps with same weight
20 seconds rest
B3. DB deadstart front raise max reps with same weight
B4. DB standing lateral raise max reps with same weight

  • Perform circuit 3 times

C1. Decline DB triceps extension 6 reps
C2. Rope triceps extension 6 reps
C3. Overhead DB triceps extension 6 reps

  • Perform circuit 3 times[/quote]

That was for one specific program. It cannot be blindly applied to any other plan

My apologies coach, i should have been more specific in my question. I use a training template that is based on HPM principles, where if i recall, isolation circuits could be utilised. I was just wondering if i could use some or all isolation circuits listed above, after the heavy upper pressing work for the main pressing muscles? I hope that makes sense.

My current training split is as follows:
Mon Upper Pressing - 3 main exercises
Tue Lower Pressing - 2 main exercises
Wed Foundation
Thu Neural Charge
Fri Upper Pressing
Sat Lower Pressing
Sun Neural Charge

@Christian_Thibaudeau he could probably try the “Beach Training for Performance-oriented lifters”?

I’m thinking, ideal programs to use it would be your High Frequency Muscle Building, Jacked 31 or even the stuff you sent me right?

Sorry if hijack

No, you didn’t hijack it at all. I was thinking about doing the tricep isolation circuit at the end of the Upper Pressing session on the Monday, and the shoulder and chest isolation circuit at the end of the second Upper Pressing session, performed later in the week. I figure doing all the isolation circuits at the end of both Upper Pressing sessions would be overkill.

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Nice! I’m going to do Jecjed 31 in the meantime I get some weight releasers, and I’ll just add 2 of these beach work sesh per week

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Juiced 31? :wink:

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Every time I do more and more horrible typos ahahah