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Isolate vs Concentrate

I need to pick up more protein powder and was wondering if anyone had any opinions as to whether to go with Isolate or Concentrate.

I’ve read both that the higher BV of isolate makes it worth the extra money and that there is no real difference between the two because the few minutes faster isolate gets absorbed makes little difference and the few extra proteins it provides can just be accounted for by taking a bigger scoop of concentrate.

Anyone have a solid opinion about which to go with?

You also need to consider the protein per serving. an Isolate id going to be more pure protein it is isolated more less fat and carbs etc.

Look at the protein per serving and how it equates to cost as well


I believe to be classified as “isolate” the protein must be greater than 90% by volume of serving size.

For what its worth, I’ve heard/read that ion-exchange whey isolate tends to destroy the fragile immunoglobulin fractions of the whey, rendering many of the immune system benefits derived from those obsolete.

By contrast, the process known as Cross-Flow Microfiltration is supposedly a more delicate filtering process and as such preserves many of the beneficial sensitive properties of whey. I don’t know how accurate all of this really is though, some of it could be marketing garbage.

Concentrate, while containing more carbs (but really how much more? a few grams? who cares) and more ash/impurities, fat, cholesterol, etc, tends to contain more immunoglobulins, etc. from what I’ve heard. It will also have less protein by volume (again, just a few grams.)