Isolate vs Concentrate vs Casein

I know there is way too much material about this on the net already, but fuck, i want the opinion of people who actually body build, and not who write at bodybuilders :stuck_out_tongue:

so here are some questions:

1 - i read that the biological value of whey concentrated is about 104, iso is 154 (whole egg is 100, couldnt find the casein).
considering the price/bio value of a good iso, nature’s best = 84,99 for 7.5 lb, in comparison to a good concentrated, optimum’s 5 Lbs sells for $43.99, shouldnt i just forsake concentrated and use only isolated? iso seems to provide 50% more bio value than concentrated, for only 1/3 higher price…

2 - a) how come the bio value are so different between iso and conc. if the only thing they do in regards to iso whey (as i understand, considering that hydrosomething filtration) is take out the carbs from conc. whey? b) how come the absorption is, as alleged, way faster in iso than it is on whey?

3 - a) about drinking casein before going to bed, is it preferrable than just fish or chicken? before i sleep, i normally eat solid animal protein, which, i believe, has a slow absortption as well. would i gain anything by changing my protein intake from chicken to casein? b) during my day (wake up at 6, go to sleep at 11:30) i normally take about 3-4 scoops of whey protein, 2 of those are from pre and post iron. should i substitute the other 2 scoops for casein?

4 - i read a whole lot of people suggesting one should drink their whey with milk, due to the slower absorption rate the mixture causes. anyone has an opinion about this which isnt backed up by “i think”?

5 - last question: in regards to a high quality whey, should i stick to optimum’s gold or are there any cheaper but just as good wheys out there? i see many offering lower carbs but more fat, but i cant tell the difference in quality to one whey protein to another…

Thanks for any who will enlight me on the subject

Ready Cy Willson’s artilcle - he compares all the proteins. Also, drinking a casein shake before bed is, IMO, better than eating solid food - it’s slower digesting

Casein is convenient to make and is a good choice before bed. I agree an animal protein would digest slower, but I’m not sure that’s what I want sitting in my stomach as I sleep. Personally, I stop eating whole foods 4 hours or so before bed. Liquid nutrition like shakes I have a little later depending on situation.

I have a combination of animal protein and casein an hour before bed; at least when I’m in pre-contest mode and I’m having larger doses of protein. 25-30g protein from the shake alone would otherwise be enough the majority of the year.

When it comes down to it, to put too but weight on science, focus on what works for you and then stick to it. If it isn’t working, change it up. I have stayed true to this method and it has not let me down.