Isochain Question

I’ve been training primarily the Zercher Squat and Overhead Press with a barbell for the past few months. I’ve made good progress, however, a few days ago my lower back was really tight upon waking up. I have long legs and a very short torso and started zercher squatting after reading one of your articles a few years ago. It’s been great for my legs, but again because of my build, my torso is pretty vertical during the movement. I think this has caused a “weakening” effect in my glutes. Anyway, not to be too long-winded, while my back was tight, I got the idea to try some deadlifts on my Isochain while forcing my hips back to activate my glutes and voila the pain vanished. I did three 30 second holds from chain link 1,2 and 3 only resting to change the links.

I’m going on a summer vacation for one month next week. I’m bringing my Isochain with me and will probably be able to get to the gym 2-3x per week. I’m considering using your Hepburn layers program to train my overhead press and zercher squat 2-3x at the gym and then training my deadlift on the isochain 2-3x per week at my vacation home.
For example:
Day 1,3,5
Overhead press/zercher squat, cardio
Day 2,4
Deadlift isochain
3 positions
3 sets of 6 seconds each position

What this work in your opinion?

I tested as a neurotype 1a(almost 3) on your test for what it’s worth.

I’m honestly not sure that I like it. Not because it’s no good but because I have no experience with an approach similar to that. I see no big reason why it would be a problem, especially only for a 4 weeks period. The only potential dawback is the max effort isos negatively impacting the next day lifting workout due to central fatigue.

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Thanks, coach! You’re the GOAT when it comes to program design. I follow you on IG so I know you have an isochain too. Hopefully you’ll drop a training article on it soon🙏🏾