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Isocaloric dieting

Please help, I need help getting ripped. I’ve been through about 2 months of anabolic or t-dawg dieting and I ended up losing about 20 pounds, at least half of which was fat. I’m 5’8" and I started at 184 and now I’m 165. I didn’t lose any strength either. My problem is that I can’t lose any more fat. I don’t like doing cardio because it burns off muscle, and I think my body isn’t reacting to a high fat diet anymore so I’m thinking of bumping up my calories a little and switching to an iso diet. I was at about 1800 cals and I plan on going up to 2000 cals on iso. Has anyone out there had success with ripping up while on an iso diet? If so, did you do any cardio? Thanks for your help!

This maybe a little late but I would do the iso diet first. Dropping about 750 cals below maintenance. When that quits working then go to the ketogenic diet and increase cals back to maintenance. At this point I still loose bodyfat.