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Isocaloric Diet

Was just curious if anyone has tried the isocaloric diet(1/3 of your calories coming from protein/carbs/fat) when trying to add size? I think I remember that Bill Roberts mentioned it once in an interview that he beleived that this was the best way for one to gain mass without putting on alot of fat.

i have tried it–very hard to balance 3 macronutrients for 6-7 meals–but it worked pretty good because i think there were no spikes in insulin so therefore not a lot of fat gain

Yup, it works well. Personally I am a firm believer in the moderate fat approaches like this and the Zone for mass gains. I have lousy insulin sensitivity so I do not do well w. the high carb approaches (except for post-workout, of course). It’s even better when you use sufficient EFA’s such as flax, fish, etc.

I liked it. On regular meals I might add some oil caps or flax and protein according to the ratios. A lot of carbs makes me fat fast.

I pretty much eat isocaloric all year, regardless of what I’, shotting for in the gym, and it ndoes help keep me lean. All I do is manipulate the total caloric intake and amount of carbs in my powst workout meal (the one meal of the day that isn’t “iso”) according to whether I’m trying to gain or lose. Best thing of all is the psychological compatibility of it - save for reduced quantity when dieting, you never have to want for anything ala keto dieting.

Brian, you’re right, the Isocaloric way of eating is a good one for day-to-day living. When I’m on a mass gain cycle (like right now), I eat in this manner, just cranking up all three components. One can diet on a 30/30/30 plan, too, but you have to be more careful, and frankly there are better plans for dieting.

When I eat this way I don't ever feel bloated, I always feel like my insulin levels are under control and not spiking, probably the most important factor for me and my body type (easy for me to gain fat).

I wanted to say thanks to everyone who took the time to answer this question. Because of the positive responses I am going to give this a try. Thanks again.