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ISO single leg curl

Hmm last session I did single leg ISO leg curls. Holding the leg just slightly bent, body vertical, felt like a cross between a GHR and Reverse hyper I’d imagine. Held for 40secs each leg
using max load I could handle.

Felt really strange after each set, like your legs feel really light and springy, like you could run real fast :slight_smile:

I guess its that Static Dynamic effect kicking in.

my problem with those is that they can overstretch/loosen your tendons. realy progress carefully with them or alternate them with eccentrics that will strengthen those tendons


I feel Iso actually stiffen up the tendons etc :slight_smile:

since I’ve been doing lots of isos, I haven’t felt better. makes sense as there is zero movement

depends on the angle.

if the angle is a stretched one, a apowerfull muscle contraction means - stretching the tendons - long stretching of tendons - injury.