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Iso-Lateral Low Row

I’ve recently split my 2 back days into a vertical pull and a horizontal pull day. I tried a new machine, the Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral low row, and added it to my horizontal pull day. I’ve never seen this machine/exercise talked about.

The range of motion seemed a bit short, but I did a few sets on it yesterday and my lower traps are feeling it today. I’ve never felt soreness in the lower traps before.

What do you all think of the low row? The movement is basically opposite of a decline press. Here’s a video:


i use a Cybex and with the palms down grip and do it 1 arm at time so im able to sit at a paticular angle where i get the most lat stretch/emphasis. i also widen my grib so that my pimkies arent even on the handle, its the only exercise ive done that actually feels like its doing something for my lats.

those and DLs are the only back exercises i feel like i get anything out of currently i do 2 other lifts on my back day but im not sure how effective they even are.

i hate the feeling of the isolateral machines in general, I prefer fixed planes of motions with machines, but I love the cybex version of this low row.

definitely feel it hits the middle of my back pretty well, I just make the chest support far enough that I have to reach and even at the bottom portion of the movement, i’m in a stretch, to deal with the ROM problem