ISO/Compound Work?

Thinkin of a new program, that includes both iso and compound movements … starting off with a base of one compound pull day , and one compound push day followed up later in the week by one iso pull day and one iso push day ?

Different compound exercises like squat,bench,etc for example on the compound push days and deads,chinups, rows,etc on compound pull days

later in the week more iso work like tricep pulldowns,kickbacks,dumbell presses,etc on push days and curls,seated rows,some dumbell work etc, on pull days

The compound work being very intense in the beggining of the week and the iso work being less intense later in the week

sound solid or a big waste of time?

Big waste of time bro. better to combine them and have 2 awesome workouts instead of one good, one so-so.

Thanks for some insight , ill keep your suggestion in mind

Make compound lifts the basis of each of your workouts. Use the iso stuff as supp work.

Or as a finisher. For example, bench (compound) for chest and tri’s. Follow with flyes (iso) to completely fry the chest. Then maybe dips or skullcrushers to fry the tri’s. Done.