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Isn't This a High Calorie Breakfast?


1 Tall Glass of Milk 2%- 140 Calories
6 Tablespooons of Peanut Butter (Eating out of the jar)- 570 Cal
And 1 bagel- 270 Calories

980 Calories right there for breakfast.. and 44g of protein and 71 carbs. :smiley:

WHat you think


Sigh i wish people would stop thinking one calorie is one calorie.

Not having a go at you per se, just at that particular shite.

In regards to your question NO it is NOT a good breakfast.

Look you have been asleep for 8 hours or so ? Maybe had your last meals 2 hrs before bed.......... so 10 hrs with no protein and when you get up you ONLY have a glass of milk ?

My breakfast is:

9oz Beef
16 Almonds
Steamed Green Veg

or before i tried that Poliquinism out, i was using Girondas super shake:

12 oz half and half cream
12 raw eggs,
1/3 cup milk-and-egg protein powder (or whey)
1 banana.

At the start you wont be able to swallow 12 eggs, work up to it day by day...... NOW THATS A BREAKFAST !


I'm more interesting in learning how I could afford to eat a carton of raw eggs every single morning.


What are your goals, stats and what does the rest of your diet look like?

It is certainly a high calorie meal but it is also a very high fat/ high carb meal.

If you are trying to gain weight I would get in some quality carbs like oats around 60 grams, 25 g of protein from a fast digesting source like whey and then 5-6 grams of fish oil.

I would stick to that for my other 6 meals of the day. And really focus on my peri workout nutrition.

Personally, the mega calorie diets never worked. It took me a while to just take it a day at a time and focus on being consistent.


You need more protein...

Here's a typical breakfast for me:

-Omelet with 3-4 eggs, a cup of egg whites, cheddar cheese and veggies
-Oatmeal with flax powder, apples and raisins
-Shake with whey, coconut oil, banana, and milk

That's like 80 grams of protein and 1500 cals.(sometimes even as high as 2000)


That's basically my breakfast when I am too lazy to make anything. Although I usually put the peanut butter ON the bagel, or the toast.


More Protein, More fat IMO. 1 Glass of milk? noooo. What kind of peanut butter are you eating?

My breakfast is as follows,

Sausage or Bacon
Protein shake made with milk
4 Eggs and 1 serving egg whites.

an hour before I have a small bowl of oatmeal to get my body out of the catabolic state.

55-70g protein
<1000 cals
25-40g fat

+40-50g carbs from oatmeal.

Gives me plenty of energy, and gets my body started for the day.


1000cals for breakfast... Sigh That's just about half my daily caloric intake. Lucky fuckers.



Eggs are not expensive lol ?

Theres like 5g protein and 4.5g of fat in every Omega 3 egg :slightly_smiling:

Dunno wtf you Canadians are doing, dont ye have big supermarkets or something with their brand of eggs ?

And of course working does help alot :slightly_smiling:


Oh yeah, I'll just dream a bit for a second too and lay out my hypothetical "lean mass gaining" meal. Keep in mind, this is I what I would eat if I was trying to gain lean mass...

4 Whole Eggs + 1 Cup Liquid Whites
1 Link Turkey Sausage
1 Banana


What I've been eating lately is
6 egg whites 1 yoke
3/4's a cup oatmeal
1/4 cup berries

It works with my goals and it's a damn healthy breakfast.


My breakfast is not a glass of milk, did you miss the other 2 portions of my meal lol..

that all comes out to 44g of protein and alot of calories and carbs.

And by the way i use to eat 2 dozen eggs a day and it never did squat for me. Until i started alot of pasta and peanut butter and just alot of carbs thats when i started putting on alot of size. Ive tried the whole protein calories thing, 6 months ago i was eating 3500 Calories with 312g (average) of protein daily weighing at 156lbs. I didnt gain any muscle, all i did was get leaner. When i started Eating Pasta, Bread, Peanut butter, MILK, OATMEAL, prett ymuch anything with carbs, i started getting stronger and bigger.


My P+C breakfast lately:

fried egg white sandwich, made with:
1/2c. egg white omlette, quartered
2-3 slices whole wheat bread
green pepper salsa

fruit shake:
1-2c. nonfat yogurt and/or cottage cheese
whatever fruit I have lying around


The other 2 "portions" pale in comparison to protein !!!!

Look instead of calories do this:

1.5g/lb of body mass of PROTEIN

1g per lb LEAN body mass of FAT

of which 20% come from fish oil

Carbs are up to how you deal with them.

Wherever the calories fall so be it !!!


Really wherever the calories fall so be it?

Im pretty sure a month ago when i asked everyone on here if calories were necessary for muscle growth everyone agreed. Now your telling me that calories pretty much dont matter as long as i get at least 250g of protein in me?

Ever since the people here have been telling me to eat alot of calories with carbs i have been gaining mass. Cause without calories the protein has no way of getting to the muscle. Correct?

And if im not mistaken, Protein Burns Calories


OP, you've got the right idea, big breakfasts are legendary for building big muscles. In general, you will need more protein as your muscle mass increases. Where the other calories come from (fat, carbs) is an individual thing. Keep up the big eating and you'll get big!



If I were you i'd trade a bit of pb for 25g of whey + 6egg white

if you can switch the bagel for oat thats even better.

you guys dont separate carbs from fats ?


this makes no sense.
i'd need 34g of fish oil/day


Well i dont have that breakfast every morning guys lol, im just trying new things

Like yesterday i had

6 eggs
1 bagel
and a Creatine Shake with 2 glasses of milk

Im just experimenting :smiley: thats why i asked what u guys thought about that breakfast.


And ?

The bigger you are the more you would need.

Over the course of my next 3 meals i have 15 Flameout :slight_smile:

Add in Evening Primrose Oil for the CLA, Cod Liver Oil, More Omega 3 Capsules and you will get there and i include the olive,coconut and sesame oil in my fish oil i should have mentioned it.

Of course you cant START on it, but working your way up you should notice an energy increase and i would have no doubt that your body will thank you.

Im a trainee nutritionist, a proper one mind you not some dumbass (i hope) and in MY opinion fats are THE most neglected part of everyones diet.

Carbs are no bother lol
Protein is not THAT much of a bother
GOOD fat people have to go out of their way, something the vast population wont do !

May i ask, what is your daily intake of oil ? Fish or otherwise ?