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Isn't it ironic...

While entering my gym (read health club) today I happened to glance up at one of the message boards as something caught my attention. Normally I ignore the postings as they generally cater to the herd and while this was true in this instance, I couldn’t help myself from investigating. What caught my attention was a clip art facsimile of a cup cake signifying that my gym (again read health club) was going to be holding a bake sale. Now while this is paradoxical in itself, it actually gets even more illogical. You see the management at my gym (once again read health club), bless their dear hearts, thought it would be a nice gesture to run a bake sale to raise funds for the CANADIAN DIEBETES FOUNDATION!!! Maybe it’s just me but I thought this to be a little off, though in retrospect, I guess it’s quite inline with what I should expect.


Amazing, U…

Sorta reminds me of some of the guys at work…they insist on going to the gym…they have ALL the trappings (Ogio bags, gloves, shower kits, belts, headbands, etc…)…brag at the end about their half-assed workouts…THEN THEY GO OUT IN THE PARKING LOT AND SMOKE…then go to get drinks and pizza!

I feel your pain, man…am I MISSING something???

One of the gyms in my town organised regular pub crawls, along with having vending machines in the gym which dispensed Minstrels (small chocolate sweets) and a bar with coke on tap. The place disgusted me, I always referred to it as ‘the dark side’. btw, it’s Fitness First in the UK.

you may have read about my gym earlier on my post “gym freaks.” my gym also serves beer on tap and in the bottle for those who like to replenish their glycogen stores immediately post workout.

It’s the same line of reasoning that allowed Kraft Foods to sponsor the World Health Organization’s Internation Symposium on Childhood Obesity a few years ago. You don’t suppose that Kraft Mac N’ Chesse had anything to do with the childhood obesity epidemic, do you?:slight_smile:

I’ve heard of oxymorons, but that one takes the cake!..literally! LOL!

You have to remember that not everyone has the goals that most of us do. And besides, going to the gym, smoking, and eating pizza is better than just smoking and eating pizza. At least they’re doing one half (assed) right.

But yeah…it’s still pretty dumb.

Do you go to the UWO gym in London? r u from their? I am a new T-man and was wondering if you belong to any gyms in london?

The gym I was referring to is The Athletic Club (south) and it?s where I generally train. From time to time I?ll train at school (the UCC or Thames hall) but it?s usually either too crowded or too distracting (UWO is renowned for its vixens).