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Domestic Church attacked; pastor and faithful injured

by Mathias Hariyadi
Over 300 Islamic extremists attacked a protestant congregation gathered to celebrate Sunday service. The reason remains unclear. The Synod of Christian Churches expresses concern.

Sukatani (AsiaNews) �?? A group of over 300 Islamic extremists attacked a domestic Church in the regency of Tangerang, 25 km from Jakarta on September 2nd last. The attackers gravely wounded the pastor and 6 of the faithful, circa 60 people, while they totally destroyed the community�??s property. The attack took place while the faithful where gathered to celebrate Sunday service.

Jau Dolokseribu, pastor of the Protestant Churches of the Christian Synod is currently in hospital in a grave condition. According to early reports, the extremists attacked because the Christians were without permission to erect the domestic Church. In Indonesia, a complicated law governing the religions makes it very difficult for minority Churches to gain this permission, making it practically impossible for them to practice their faith.

Police Chief of Tangerang, Toni Hermanto, confirmed the attack but gave no further information. The group which unites Indonesia�??s protestant Churches instead released a statement condemning the episode and expressing its �??pain and deep concern

The Protestant Church of the Christian Synod is well known through the country. His faithful are mostly drawn from the batak ethnic group, and celebrate all of their functions in the local dialect.

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Such acts are inexcusable and are condemned by Islam.

"If anyone harms others, God will harm him, and if anyone shows hostility to others, God will show hostility to him." -- Muhammad


Condemned by Islam...tolerated and perpetrated by Muslims. Kind of a certain duplicity don't you think.


Tolerance? What tolerance? Islam is the most intolerant of all the major religions around the world. It's a plain and simple fact.


Sounds quite like what's happened in Darfur. Islamists murdering, raping and pillaging non Islamists. How history repeats. Care to suppose how many more times this will happen?