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Islamic Terrorism in China?


While watching the coverage of the awful terror attacks in Jordan, a bit was mentioned that there was evidence that Islamists were planning a terror attack against Western-owned hotels in China.

To what extent this is true we will find out. But it raises some interesting concerns, such as:

  1. If the main 'grievance' of the ideology is that Westerner imperialists are encroaching on the holy land, what does that have to do with China?

  2. China, if attacked, is unencumbered by the same restraints we in the West face, a la human rights, concerns over casualties, etc. Why would the Islamists - already at war with the West - try and provoke a giant totalitarian state itching to show its might?



1) China invaded Eastern Turkestan which was an Islamic Republic. It is now a province of China.

2) Hui Muslims in China severely oppressed. In my hometown in China, Muslims regularly rioted, though it was never broadcasted.

3) China recognizes Israel


China has a significant muslim minority in its far west (Xinjiang) which has been seeking independence from the "godless imperialist" PRC for years.

Though China didn't support the Iraqi invasion, they have been strong though publicly quiet supporters of the war on terrorism. The US hasn't been fully comfortable with this though because their war on terror overlaps with their war on politicla dissent.


It doesn't make sense to me. They would obviously awaken another sleeping giant. Maybe they hope it would start a conflict between us and China. I mean since we already have troops on the ground in the Middle East, there would be a "small" problem if China decided to come rolling in too. Who would split the profits?(sorry, couldn't resist)

Obviously, the more severe their response, the more it would impact our forces already there. If our troops start getting killed/wounded by the Chinese, then all hell just might break loose, even if they are "collateral damage".


islamic terrorism seeks only to spread islam by force, and make a few people rich in the process. they might take on china in the attempt, but seriously china would crush anything like that sent at them. this is a country that won't hesitate to brutalize its own unarmed students, much less armed foreigners.


China, like Russia, is fighting a battle against Muslim separatists that ties in with its battle against political dissent. We shouldn't feel comfortable aligning ourselves with either country.


Actually, it's part of a global trend that began with Curzon's division of Bengal (in India). A party called Muslim League supported this division since the leaders of this party believed that (i) Muslims cannot exist with non-Muslims (ii) Muslims should never be ruled by non-Muslims.

After the creation of Pakistan by the Muslim League, several Pakistani orgns have been brainwashing Muslims that they are somehow lesser Muslims if they have non-Muslims in their midst, and that they should break away from non-Muslim countries, and form Muslim nations. (You won't be able to believe the level of propoganda unless you experience it yourself.)

There is an effort to provoke non-Muslims through terrorism (for example 'Direct Action Day') and constant persecution so that(i) there can be full-fledged communal riots and (ii) the guys responsible for the mess can say "we told you so" (refering to the cthat Muslims cannot co-exist with non-Muslims) and recruit millions of Muslims for their war to create new states where these guys will rule.

Take a look at this for example:


Apart from destroying Hindu temples in Kashmir and Buddhist statues in Afghanistan, the Paki orgns are constantly trying to terrorize Christians living there. They get a lot of support from leftist orgns who will make it appear as if Muslims are being targetted all the time ('Islam in danger' is a great warcry where I live).