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Islamic Terror Won't Go Away

Another terror attack in London.

These have become so common place perhaps an ongoing thread is needed.

Edit : commonplace in the West not just England

Costs of Muslim immigration: TSA, headscarves, acid attacks, female genital mutilation, countrymen slaughtered by guns, bombs, trucks, axes, guns …

Benefits: ?

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Terrorist attacks in the UK are very rare man…you’ve been brainwashed!

I mean in the West as a whole, not England in particular

Oh so you’ve never heard of the IRA?

Glasgow airport attack maybe?

7/7 perhaps?

Why are the Brits all hard core bad asses when it comes to rioting over a soccer game, but when another culture runs balls deep in their women and children and kills innocent people- nothing?


Wilful blindness.


Sure…but these are attacks are statistically insignificant.

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Sadiq Khan’s comments were about the New York attacks I believe.

Anyway the media identifying the clearly Arab attacker as an Asian is plain stupidity.

Terror attacks aren’t part of major city life, his statement is plain ignorance he is attempting to justify letting the attacks happen as if there is nothing you can do about them to reduce the severity.

Yeah, you know, there’s the crowding, traffic, more noise than most people would prefer- then look over there-> another muslim on a killing spree.
Typical day in the big city, right? People that don’t know these things are just regressive bumpkins.

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Thank God. Nothing more to see here folks, they’re statistically insignificant. We can just ignore them and not talk about them or consider their ramification, since, you know, they’re statistically insignificant.

All sarcasm aside, that doesn’t contribute anything to the conversation but only really shows your willingness to keep your head in the sand until when? They become statistically significant? Pretty sure if/when that happens, the shit will have already done hit the fan to the point the whole room will be covered in shit … and good luck cleaning that up

It’s disgusting that the MAYOR thinks this is commonplace. Deserves to be replaced for these comments imo.

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Last terror attack in Britain was on the 16th of June 2016.
Last Islamic related incident in Britain was on the 5th of December 2015.

Last American attack was on November 28, 2016.

Keeping ones head in the sand doesn’t help the situation at all.

People are paranoid about all the wrong shit, deal with it!

That’s the point isn’t it? To deal with it? And what’s the “right shit” to be “paranoid” about?

Just b/c you’re unwilling to [deal with it] doesn’t mean others aren’t. Calling it statistically insignificant doesn’t magically make it not exist. Seriously, at what point will you consider this shit significant enough to warrant consideration? What other things do YOU worry about that take precedent over these types of attacks?

FTR my issue is with you calling it statistically insignificant - which I’m sure, technically speaking, you’re right. Doesn’t make it any less of an issue nor is it something not worthy of people’s time to consider. YOU may not want to dedicate your time to thinking about it, but you dismissing it as “statistically insignificant” denigrates other peoples’ time and it also denigrates the lives lost from these types of events. It’s disrespectful.

There a lot of more dangerous things than terrorism but one civilian can’t do anything about terrorism themselves unlike other dangerous things like driving where you can just drive safer.

The ability of terrorism to strike at random is what causes the fear.

Also constant news of the horror of the attack exacerbates the issue further.


Look mate, on a human level yes it certainly is NOT insignificant. Anybody that is killed is a great tragedy…that being said, in terms of crime stats, terrorism is absolutely insignificant in the UK.

Now, with regards what I think we actually should be worried about, I’d go with: The disparity between funding for mental vs physical health…you are several hundred times more likely to kill yourself than you are to be killed by a terrorist. Heart disease, alzheimers, drug addiction, the government spying on it’s citizens (mostly for no good reason) are all issues which affect society WAY more than terrorism.

Will terrrorism become much worse in the future in the UK? Maybe, though the general trends in terrorism committed doesn’t tend to support that view.


So is the OPs picture of a smiling mayor photoshopped together with one of the dead victims.

FTR, I actually agree with both of you. Extremism is one of the most crucial questions/issues of our time despite the fact that attacks are statistically insignificant in the West.

I think, and I’d be shocked if you disagree, that many of us don’t want these rare events to lead to emotionally driven policy. That has always been my issue anyway.


This is a huge part of it. Meanwhile, 1,000+ people were murdered in Baltimore and Chicago last year.

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I understood your point of view and respect it.

However you have to understand Human nature is that one story well developed has more impact than statistics ever will. Humans aren’t the best at understanding say “10.8 people will commit suicide in a group of 100,000” compared to a story of a terrorist attack with lots of coverage and exposure.
Suicide obviously has a bigger impact but speaking of coverage terrorism has a far bigger effect.