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Islam Needs to Prove It's a Religion of Peace


This is a good Op Ed piece in in the WSJ....And it was written by a reformed terrorist.

Sound about right too.


Why would Islam need to prove it anymore than any other religion?


Are you a registered Christian?


I thought I was, but haven't seen the newsletter in awhile. Wife washed my secret decoder membership ring as well.


It was a serious question.


Not sure what bearing it has on anything, but I'll bite.

I was raised christian, attended church semi regularly as a child. Around the time I got into HS I figured my relationship with God was mine, and didn't need to be "dictated" to me by someone else. So as far as filling out a registration card, no I have not.

I don't fault people for their religious beliefs, but at the same time I'm not arrogant enough to think I have all the answers, or that my "idea" is the only one out there.

Now how about answering my original question?


Did you go to court to get you registration status changed to deist? How long was your fight against our apostacy laws? How many stonings did you have to avoid?


I know many Muslims that haven't had to endure those things either. Is my anecdotal experience less than or greater than the medias?

I haven't blown up any abortion clinics, I haven't persecuted other religious beliefs, and I haven't stoned anyone either.

Violence in the name of religion is well documented throughout humankind's history. Fundamentalists are fundamentalists are fundamentalists.

Of course in the interest of full disclosure, my wife is Muslim, born in Iran, raised in Kuwait.

edit Just called her, she's not a "registered" Muslim either. Neither is anyone in her immediate family. Of course it could all just be a ruse to put me at ease, so it'll be easier when they finally do activate her cell.


Where does she live?


Obtuse man is obtuse.

Spurs the conversation though doesn't it.


It wouldn't if it didn't murder thouasands in it's name as a holy act of God and profess further killings of all non-believers who don't convert. If they did not aggressively persue the death of Westerners and Jews they would not be required to prove anything. But they do act out and want everybody to accept them, but will not except anybody. That's why.


wanna back this up?


You said you called her. Naturally, I can assume she lives in the states, since she's your wife. But that would still be an assumption. After all, careers have been known to lead to long term long distance arrangements. However, since you wish to avoid answering, I'll make the assumption that she does live in the states. In which case, ok...So?


Do I want to back up a question? Or, do I want to back up, oh say, a muslim convert to christianity who has to fight the courts to be recognized as a Christian. And, who is now in fear for his life and that of his family's, due to his conversion and legal battle?



I mean, I'd bring this up, but I forgot we just lashed some broad at our last mass.


It doesn't need to prove it is a religion of peace. If Islam is true, and everything in Islam is the word of God then we have no right to question it. In the same way that if everything that is in the bible is true we have no right to question it.


We have a right to question what is trying to kill us.


Yeah, but the Islamic religion owes you nothing in terms of an answer.

Unless of course it is a total fabrication based on the rantings of a mentally ill guy a thousand or so years ago...


That's fine. I don't expect one.


You never know, maybe right now in a cave somewhere someone is getting the latest update from God saying that everyone has it wrong and then we will have a new religion to worry about instead.