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Well, I am not sure what you point of posting this. Obviously this is a very intelligent person. I am not sure what this has to do with "Islam in America" though. He did not seem to be giving a "State of Islam" speech, but rather his own thoughts and experiences. The only thing I would have pressed harder on is why he thinks there is some much violence and calls to violence coming from various factions of Islam.

He merely skirts the issue by saying that there are assholes from every walk of life who assholish things. He doesn't seem to have an explanation as to why the violence is exponentially greater coming from people who claim Islam as their faith and reason for their behaviour. Numbers do matter. While one person dying is a tragedy, 100 people being killed is a greater tragedy, and a 1000 an even greater.

He claims there is a small number who behave this way, but the body count suggests otherwise. Remember that even if only .1% of muslims believe in the violence and hatred so prevalently portrayed, that's still 1.2 million people and that's an awful lot.

Islam is in a poor state right now and it is being devoured by extremism and violence. Something's got to give; it is a religion in great need of leadership and reform, not dictatorship and regression which is what it has now predominantly. Left unchecked, it will devour itself. People will only put up with crap for so long and they'll forget there is a gun to their head or stop caring that it's there.


"other religions are just as bad, look at the crusades, and bombing of abortion clinics" - lixy


Do you have any proof that violence coming from people who claim Islam as their faith and reason for their behaviour is exponentially greater ?


Facts have liberal bias.


Actually, quite a bit. I get a bit tired of posting links to all this stuff though. If I were to point to links to every crime against humanity done by muslims in the name of islam, I would be posting links all day long. Actually if you search though the forum for the last month or so, I have given many links to such things.
Do your own homework, I have already done mine.

Thanks for contributing nothing to the conversation, yet again.