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just saw a commercial for this site and for some reason it really pissed me off. All I could think was, how bout you call it wtf it is and that to fix it we are going to give you steroids b/c they are awesome and will make you feel better. But noooooooo we can't do that b/c steroids are bad but taking "testosterone" injections is ok.

Give me a fucking break.


Come again? Got a link?


I agree...but I also know the general public is dumb enough to be turned off by the ad if they came out and said "testosterone"...because that equals ROIDZ AND RAGE!!!

People are dumb. You have to cater to them somehow.

I do hate we live in a society where we have to play word games like this just so men don't have to feel like shit once they hit 40.


It's a recent ad campaign focusing on LOW TESTOSTERONE LEVELS in men and trying to get them to go see a doctor for THAT purpose instead of assuming all depression, tiredness, or lack of drive is because they don't take enough anti-depressants.

The truth is, it shouldn't be that damned hard to get info in the first place.


It's called testosterone replacement therapy. Not "steroid replacement therapy". Testoserone is just one sex hormone. Saying "steroids" is too ambiguous. You have all of the female steroid hormones and all of the sythentic male steroid hormones under that label.

So you are wrong assuming that doctors are going to give out steroids. They are giving out TESTOSTERONE in particular. That advertisement is being much more detailed than your explanation is.

And synthetic male hormones, testosterone derivatives or whatever you want to call them are inherently more risky than 'straight' testosterone.


I'm glad that it is catching on in the medical community and becoming more acceptable as a therapeutic intervention.(with 40 being 2 short years away)

More responsible use with good outcomes will equal more responsible use with good outcomes.

This is one area that pharmaceutical companies and their ability to sell bullshit to a cattle rancher could come in handy.


I am not sure he literally meant they should say "steroid replacement" on the ad. The ad caught my attention as well because they blatantly avoid saying the word TESTOSTERONE at all costs.

It reminds me of the looks and commotion I get whenever I wear a testosterone t-shirt.

People are not ready.


I agree but pussyfooting around the subject doesn't help make them ready.


I haven't seen the website, but why is this a bad thing? I saw the commercial the other day and actually thought it was a good thing, in regards to getting the public to become more informed on the subject.


Hey, this ad has made more of a mark in the last few months of being aired than any other. That is why it is still running. I first saw it around February.

Look at the media they are fighting against. The average person hears "testosterone" (or sees it on a shirt) and immediately thinks something negative. The looks I get when I wear that shirt are fucking ridiculous. Any stares I was getting before get amplified 10 fold.

The reality is, people are slow enough that if they came out with TESTOSTERONE plastered across the ad most people wold immediately turn off from what was being presented...even if they NEEDED it.


Pussyfooting may not be the desired approach here, but how else to you tell a middle aged guy who feels like ass- "Your balls quit working about a decade ago and you have the endocrine function of an eight year old girl.".

You tell them in a way that won't make them cry and hit you with their purse (or mand-bag, or what ever they call them now).


You have to start somewhere.
I just wish we didn't have to.


I understand the second part, and I agree. But I don't see why we're bitching when we're taking a step in the right direction...


No bitching here.

I would really like to know what the convo in the doc's office is like once they realize what the "T" stands for.

My guess is, wives will suddenly become appalled at the idea of their husbands taking "mean 'ol testosterone" because now they will kill them.


The english term for pussyfooting is "metonymy," or substituting one word with another that has better connotations. He didn't die, he passed away - he doesn't have a low testosterone, he has low T!


Anybody have a link to the commercial?




That is a pretty straight forward intro.

Addresses the problem, presents the solution. Doesn't incite hitting with a man bag.


Im certainly not bitching either. This is a good thing for all men.

When I commented before I didnt know that the ad didnt use the word testosterone. Even if it doesnt it's still better to call it hormone replacement therapy considering there is more to making a man with low T feel normal than JUST testosterone.

Either way, whatever the advertisement calls it, its a step in the right direction.


Really? So renaming impotence to "erectile dysfunction" wasnt a part of viagra's success?