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ISIS Attack in Nice, France

This is disgusting. Man, I feel so bad for those innocents in the crowd.

I haven’t heard any news that this was a terrorist attack as of yet.


And I went and read some more news on this. It appears that people have now started to call this a terrorist attack.

How many atrocities have been committed in the last 1000 years by white Christians?

EDIT: I am not sure I worded this the best way. Maybe a better phrasing would be “People of varying race, religion, and ethnic groups have committed violent and heinous acts for centuries, all around the world. Muslims do not exactly have the market cornered.”

EDIT 2: I have another question. What exactly makes something a “terrorist” attack? I think a lot of the Muslim fear-mongering stems from the fact that any violent act committed by Muslims is framed a “terror” attack whereas a white guy committing the same is a mere “shooting” or a “bombing.”

I agree, as I’m sure that most sensible people would.

But how is the answer to this “ban all Muslims” or “go to war with Islam” ?

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Please stop with all of the “last 1000 years” nonsense. What some people did 1000 years ago is irrelevant. So is what people did 500 years ago and even 100 years ago. In the world today (the only world that I care about) radicalized Muslims pretty much do have the market cornered.


Hey dummies - ISIS hasn’t claimed responsibility for this one. Lets not give them credit if this wasn’t their doing.

I agree that the “1000 years” wording was a poor choice, which is why I posted the EDIT (although I chose to leave the original there for posterity).

I do find it interesting that domestic mass shootings of i) elementary-school children, ii) black people in a church, iii) random people at a movie theater - all three committed by white men - have not led to calls that we should stop the violence by going to war against white men.

I’m excited in anticipation of a sit in for common sense assault truck legislation and laws to ban people on the watch list from getting a drivers license. Then we can discuss reasons why the teamsters are the problem.


Dear Attorney General Loretta Lynch,

You suggest that I love terrorists more, but how can I do that when they try to drive a truck up my ass (literally), accompanied by an onslaught of bullets ?

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A sensible question, although I think in the modern day that Islamic extremism does have the terror market cornered.

What makes something terrorism specifically instead of a mass shooting or a psychopath, besides the targeting of civilian soft targets rather than military targets, is twofold. One is political intent and ideological drive. In other words, a larger goal–some philosophy, position, or belief that said people want to influence public policy with. None of the examples you asked about fit that criteria.

The second is organization. By definition terrorists are part of some organization–maybe they did attack some target alone, but they were aided and abetted in planning or resources or even directly trained by an organized group of some kind.

There is significant debate on specifically what does or does not qualify as organization–or even if it should be part of the criteria–but most do agree that it is and should be. The political or ideological influence on public policy is an integral part of terrorism.

So in essence, those atrocities you mentioned by white guys don’t fit 2 of 3 criteria for terrorism. Even if motivated by racism as in the church shooting, there is a difference between motivation and drive for a change in public policy.

…get the Jews out of the Holy land, recognize an independent country like the Kurdish area of Iraq, establish a Caliphate, strike back at the Great Satan and bring about the end of worlds…these are all policy driven.


Understood and agreed. Very nice post.

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By the way @Aragorn, since there are no PM’s allowed - can you drop me a line on ResearchGate? Though we be in different arenas of research, it would be nice to know how your academic pursuits are coming.

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India, where there are around 100,000,000 non-violent Muslims.

China, where there are like 20,000,000 (IIRC) non-violent Muslims

Why do people feel the need to blame an entire demographics for the actions of a small percentage of said demographic? Liberals do it with guns. Conservatives do it with Muslims. It makes no sense.

Seriously, obliterate ISIS already. Problem solved at least for now.

You are wrong. There is a small subset of Sunni Islam claiming a radical interpretation of the Quran that almost no other Muslims agree with. The problem is with radical individuals using a fucked up interpretation of a religion for their cause. Nothing more. It’s like claiming Christians have a problem in the Westboro Baptist church that they need to deal with. No, the WBBC is just a bunch of looney toon asshats that have completely missed the boat on Christianity. It is the same with radical jihadi’s they’re just bigger assholes.

Kill the fucking terrorists already.

National Review…

Lol, did you even read your link?

Lebanon, Gaza, and the West Bank don’t dislike terrorist. GTFO, no freakin way…

Very representative of the Muslims population. We should definitely draw conclusions from this extensive research…

A significant portion of those surveyed stayed neutral. I wonder why that might be…?

Radical Muslims use radical Imam’s to interpret Islam in such a fucked up way that they can do basically whatever they want. Virtually no leaders of the Muslim religion agree with such a radical interpretation of Islam. What ISIS does is not in line with Islam.

Let me make sure this is loud and clear since I know there will be confusion:Fuck radical extremists. Seriously, just kill them already.



More applause.

At least you used facts. Thank you.

You need to read through this before thinking that Islam is peaceful in India. Some of the worst bloodshed ever has come from there. Our media in the USA is simply not interested in what happens in that nation

In China a nation that will simply kill you and your family if you rebel and likes to control all news

Islam is peaceful where?

No offense, but there are plenty of Muslim leaders that preach radical interpretations of Islam. Even many moderate Islamic nations have extreme laws. Heck a not insignificant portion of Mosques in the US uphold violent Jihad. Now, do they all agree with ISIS? No, but the only way you can say no Leaders are radical is relative comparison with ridiculously extreme groups. Yes, there is a sizable extreme group in Islam and an even larger group that sympathizes with the extremists.

It seem to have read the information. So let me say congratulations

You are looking at favorable views of violent terrorist groups by 13% to 32% of your typical Muslims. Can you imagine what the USA would be like if only 10% of Catholics supported terrorism? We are talking about murders and we see that getting half of Muslims to have a bad opinion of murders, is as good as we can get. The other half is ether in support or will not talk about it

I’m sorry but until we see Muslims killing off the terrorists and 90+% of them calling murder evil. Islam is the problem. Muslims are the problem. We cant fix them. they must fix themselves and do it in their own nations

Dude you simply are not smart enough to even know how to make an argument. Try again when you have something intelligent to say. In other words address the issue next time, personal attack is making you look like an ignorant fool

When did 30% support of murders become a small group? It is 30% of a billion people. Only 10% is far to many

Love has never been very effect in war. Show your love after victory. If you want our love then do not try to kill us

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