ISIS Attack in Nice, France

This is beyond sickening. 73 dead and at least 100 injured.

Time to carpet bomb the ME. One way or another something needs to be done other than talk about terrorism.

Stricter truck control laws are needed.


If this was in the USA our dear President would be blaming a lack of gun control. I do not know what the French will say in order to avoid speaking the truth.

Yes Muslims are a problem and the problem is inherent in their religion. Where is the safe none violent part of the Islamic world? And where have Muslims emigrated in large numbers, and not caused major problems? Violent problems, such as murder, rape and terrorism?

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Wow, your ability to satirize the Ugly American xenophobe is fucking amazing. Johnathan Swift would be proud!

Really if it is not Islam what do you blame for the ever increasing number of terrorists attacks by Muslims who believe they do it in the name of God?
Where is Islam peaceful?
Where has large scale Islamic emigration not been followed by violence by Muslims?

Is the truth hate?

In case someone believes that support for terrorists is rare with Muslims.

Another excellent example of regurgitation of trite pablum as truisms. Fucking brilliant Verne. I am truly in awe.

So what is you problem with the truth?

You do not even dare claim I’m wrong or try to answer my questions.

If the facts are not on your side. Personally attack the messager. That is easily the most brain dead type of argument that you could have tried

WTF are you even talking about? You were satirizing white Christian racist attitudes, weren’t you? Why confuse the message with facts? You have none, so why fuck up a good satire with facts?

This is why nothing ever gets done about terrorism. You get called racist, xenophobic asshole, etc. Muslim terrorists continue to attack all over the world, not just the west. So continue to fight hate/violence with love and see where that gets you.

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Try reading a news paper. After that the link I presented that that sourced its information. Proving that support of terrorism is common among Muslims. To those facts you are reduced to personal insults. And not a single fact to show my statement is in any way wrong.

That my son is weak minded of you. Try thinking next time. Learn something before forming an opinion. You are unable to support this one. Me on the other hand. I have a lot more to back up my assertions if you care to even try to make a real argument.

The overwhelming majority of terrorist attacks are committed by non-Muslims. That is an incontrovertible fact. Google it.

The Islamic church does not have a single leader to speak out against terrorism. There is no Muslim pope. Any imam that does would then be targeted for retribution.

There are non-violent Muslim communities in virtually every state in America.

Is radical Islam a problem? Yes. Are all Muslims terrorists, No.

Now, those are facts. If you still want to paint a single religion as problematic, well, we just disagree.

Ah yes, a newspaper, an unbiased source of information. Bro, your grasp of satire is amazing.

I love how you keep speaking of facts, it alludes to Orwell. Nice job. Keep it coming.

I got it. Your ignorant and have nothing. Is pew research biased? I know you did not read anything. But that is just one of the sources you are attacking. What other of the sources in that link are not good enough for you.

Not that have any idea what I’m talking about. Having not read a damn thing

I’m not worried about the majority of Muslims in the US. I’m worried about the minority that are currently planning an attack. And I’m worried about the growth of ISIS in the Europe, Middle East, etc. We need to go with war the terrorist group. Obviously no one likes war but peace talks and round table discussion would get nothing done with these barbarians.

So if an imam of the “religion of peace” spoke out against terrorism he would be targeted for retribution? Can you name one other major world religion whose adherents would kill one of its religious leaders for speaking out against the violence perpetrated by those adherents?

Since a majority of attacks are committed by non-muslims, can you please give an example of 5 that happened this month (July 2016) where 10 or more people were killed by non-muslims?