Ishii Going to UFC?

My wife said Ishi, judo Olympic gold medalist said he was going to the UFC on the evening news. He also said since he is a gold medalist he has a “golden ticket”. Whatever that means. And that he does not want to bother with mma in Japan since the UFC is of a much higher level. He is right about that.

I was very surprised. I asked if that is what Ishi said he wanted. She said no, the news reported that it has already been decided.

I am still skeptical of course until I actually see this happen, but it was on the news so…

Anyway Ishi has been getting bashed by the media a lot so I don’t blame him for going to America.

wow, i wish my wife would tell me such news…

Thanks Otoko, I hope it’s for real…


Yeah, actually i have heard that Ishii has defied fedor.

Man i hope, i love watching Judo in mma

[quote]whotookmyname wrote:
Olympic judo gold medalist Satoshi Ishii leaving sport for mixed martial arts [/quote]

Actually this is not the same news.

Going into mma was already decided. Where he was going was not. It seemed a lock that he was going into a Japanese promotion. Looks like he is going to an American camp now. Said he was going to the UFC.
He could have made alot of money right off the bat by fighting in a Japanese promotion. I think it is good though that he will take the harder road.

gotcha. my bad. should be interesting.