Ischial Tuberosity Pain

Hi guys,

First I would like to thanks anyone who might have an answer to my problem. Really, anything, any answers/reply is greatly appreciated.

I’ve been lifting weights for 8 years and being consistent the last 2 years. I have a bodyweight of 160 lbs and a PR of 295 for the squat and 375 Deadlift (if it might help).
I’ve began doing Westside for 2 months, so all my squats are now a different form of box squat and since then I’ve been experiencing pain in the ischial region, more particularly on the tuberiosity or sit bone area. I’m squatting 2 days per week, one day is max effort so 1 RM and the other day is dynamic effort so speed box squat with bands/chains and 50-60% 1 RM.
I dont have any pain when squatting or deadlifting, walking or standing, only when sitting with or without weight (for about 2 weeks without weight).
Anyone have experienced this before or knows what to do? My options are: No more box squatting for a while and going back to ‘‘regular’’ squats.

Have you heard of Coccydynia? It could be that youre putting to much pressure on your tail bones through the box squat and going back to regular squats could relieve that.