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Isaiah and Politically Incorrect Speech

NEW YORK (AP) �?? Just months after berating her in expletive-filled tirades, New York Knicks coach and president Isiah Thomas moved from cursing to courting a fellow executive now suing the basketball Hall of Famer for sexual harassment, a former team employee testified Tuesday.

Jeffrey Nix, a 15-year employee of the NBA team, took the stand in U.S. District Court to recount a series of conversations he had with his friend and co-worker, plaintiff Anucha Browne Sanders, throughout 2004.

Sanders, in tones of disgust, detailed how Thomas initially treated her with contempt shortly after his December 2003 arrival in New York, Nix testified.

At one meeting meant to resolve any issues between Sanders and Thomas, the two-time NBA champion guard lashed out at her by announcing, “Don’t forget, you f�??�??�?? bitch, I’m the president of this f�??�??�??- team,” Nix said his friend told him.

Browne Sanders also told Nix, he testified, that Thomas had asked her in March 2004, “What the f�??- is your job? What are your job responsibilities, you f�??�??�??- ho?”

By the end of the year, though, Nix testified that he saw Thomas embracing Browne Sanders in Madison Square Garden after a Knicks’ victory �?? and watched as his friend pushed the coach away."

I know Imus said ths crap on TV, but should Thomas be fired for talking this way? He’s using politically incorrect speech and shouldn’t heads roll, no matter what the context?


Isiah Thomas should be fired because he’s a fucking horrible GM who’s run that franchise into the ground.

He’s black, ergot, he gets a free pass to slur and spit all the vile things he wants, no matter the context.

If this is all true, he should be punished for sexual harassment and he should probably lose his job. The guy’s a dick HH, no one’s gonna argue that.