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I just found out that I have no work tomarrow. The Federal Gov't is off in MD/DC. I think every school system is closed. Tomarrow looks like it's gonna be a mess!


tomarrow - what metastasizing cancer cells say to themselves "let's go to(bone)marrow and invade"

tomorrow - the day after today.

So is DC full of cancer?


i'm surprised as hell that Georgetown closed, we had school when every college within 100 miles was closed. Knowing my luck, my new dorm will blow over or something will come flying through my window.


Hurricanes suck. I've been through my share down here in Louisiana. It's like a ghost town around here when a tropical storm or hurricane is about to make landfall.


Just to give you an update. Where I lived, we lucked out - no damage, no power outages.

However, the Inner Harbour and Fell's Point in Baltimore, and "The Docks" at Annapolis were flooded real bad. Incredible amounts of property damage. About 650,000 houses are w/o electicity in MD.

Funniest quote frm a reporter standing in a flooded street "There a lot of funky shi..... ship stuff floating around here!" I wonder if he lost his job for the near slip-up?