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Is Your Diet Tasty?


Dear members,

I have read now a bunch of diet articles, specially of Berardi.

I got a few questions on it...:

-First the meals recommended are awful.Is it not possible to have a combo of good and healthy food?
I mean ex.like:
2 slices of bread
1 banana
1 scoop of Grow!
1 cup of tuna

sorry folks but thats really NOT tasty.
Sure if you want to reach a goal you have to do sth.for it-its your choice what you do-and when you don?t want it LEAVE it-but are there no better options?

When you have a meal plan which is tasty AND healthy-the motivation is MUCH bigger to stick to it as long as you want!

Whats about sauces made out of wholemeal (flour),skim milk and spices-instead of cream?
Ist that unhealthy-i don?t think so!

2.5-7 meals per day.

Nothing new but understandable point.
But one thing I don?t get:
F.e.x you need 3000kcal per day.It will be better (sure it is) to eat 6 meals to 500 instead of 3 meals to 1000kcal.

Because when you eat the whole 1000ckal in one you perhaps need immediately 500 kcal-the rest will be nicely stored in fat.

BUT who cann ensure,that when you will eat 500kcal per meal,that you don?t need only 300 at the moment(depends on activity),and the other 200 will be stored in fat????

-3 The seven habbits, p+c,p+f meals.

I also got the point of this-sounds good BUT:
Berardi recommends to have your carbs mostly (post workout meals exluded)out of veggies and fruits-thats good and healthy-BUT it is not possible to consume 1000kcal of fruits or veggies.

They are that low caloric,that you have to eat 6 pounds (!)of carrots f.ex.to reach the line.
Also are you not allowed to eat carbs alone-so if i want to eat two bananas in the afternoon,I have to drink them with milk or eat them with cheese or tuna,to have a p+c meal?

On the other hand,Whats about rice and pasta,why are they THAT bad when combinated well?

If you eat lean beef,with basmati rice,some veggies and a sauce out of mushrooms,skim milk and wholemeal (flour)and some spices.Thats mjami a p+c meal with min.fat and it does taste good-INDEED!

Hope of some FEEDbacks;)



Hey bro, he's saying have a tuna sandwich with a banana and a protein shake. Use your head, you don't just mix all the ingredients together and eat it with a spoon.


Simple imagination, creativity and spices.
Oh and also getting used to GOOD wholesome food.

Oh and yes flour based sauces SUCK as does bread IMO mosty of the time.

Lets take your example meal however.
2 slices bread.
1 Scoop Low-Garb Grow!
1 Banana
1 can tuna.

take the Grow! add a tad of water and cinnamon to make paste. Toast the bread and spread the cinnamon Grow! paste on the bread. Blamo you have Cin. Toast with a nice dose of protein.

A banana on the side.

Take the can of tuna and spice it up a bit. Lets see you could add a little vinegar and dill. Or some hot sauce and a cilantro. Or some Mustard and liquid smoke and chili powder. Etc. Use your imagination.

add a nice glass of water and you have a healty P+C and it taste damn good.


you are aware that Berardi has an e-book, which adresses your issues for 30$ ? There are 100 recipes in there conplete with macronutritients breakdown, etc.

If you take nutrition seriously you pretty much have to buy that book.


I would look into purchasing his Gourmet Nutrition book to get an idea of what Berardi approved tasty/healthy meals look like.


Eventually, your sense of taste will get accustomed. You will like the taste of healthy food, just be patient.

This is not maths. Aside from the fact that different foods have a different rate of digestion, just make sure you get your daily intake right and distribute it fairly well over the course of the day.

If I am not mistaken, JB recommends oats for breakfast in many cases. Quinoa is a great choice as well. Basmati rice, yams and even wholemeal pasta are also fine occasionally. Try to consume the P+C meals in the morning and PWO.

Hope this helps.


I've very tired, and I glanced at this thread's title, and I THOUGHT it said: Is your Dick Tasty?

I need to go take a nap.


Thanx very much guys about your answers,very nice=)

But whats about the bunch of veggies and fruits you have to consume and where can I learn more about digestion of food?

My goal is to bulk a bit, regrettably I WAS very lean starting training and had long thinny arms and legs-so its hard to me to bulk.

Nevertheless I gained 20 kg but also a bit of fat (perhaps because of the too big meals i used to consume)so Iam at 18%bodyfat at the moment.
I am not looking fat,I have a small belly but a six pack was never my goal.

But beeing strong and looking strong thats my goal.Of course when you look like a trucker,thats not handsome-but thats not the case;)my fat is good shared around my body-so from the bodyfat,I am looking "normal".

So my goal is to gain muscles again-some of you will recommend to loose the fat first and then start bulking again,BUT my fear is that i will loose the hard muscles I earned ofer the years.
Sure some will say,if you do it properly it will work,but I am really afraid of it-also when i will loose my fat i will look smaller anyway (perhaps also better,but I hope you get the point)

My pure muscle mass is not THAT much-so i definitely don?t want to loose that bit because this was so much hard work and took lot of time.(I am training 5 years now)

So my question is,how important the meal combos are-but notice i am a hobby bb not a pro and my goals are not THAT high.

Will it be enough to say: follow the 6 meals per day,consume a positiv caloric intake(and have a log and weekly measurements),avoid the animal fats,take care of fish oils and other healthy ones,consume plenty of veggies and fruits and eat quality proteins including each meal and avoid too much fat during your p+c meals.

That will be much easier for me to handle.I will write down all meal combos which have 500ckal and take them over the day.


cup of orange juice (natural)
whole grain bread with turkey ham and 2 tomatoes

2nd breakfast:
cup of skim milk and 2 bananas

white pasta with tuna and onions (made with one spoon of olive oil)

1 afternoon meal:
cup of milk with frozen berries,honey and other fruits

2 afternoon meal:

lean beef with veggies and potatoes (maid in one spoon of peanuts oil)

Got the idea? i hope so,my only question is how SERIOUS you HAVE to take it really,to reach "hobby" goals.

Berardi is damn good but a scientist.
And scientists tend to make things more complicated (sure because its their passion)than necessary for hobby bb like me.

Whats about the guys who go to burger king,mess up their diet but look damn good-there are plenty of it!( also non juicers)

So will this will reach my goals or am I going to be fat like my little pig "BABE?"

Greets and thank you VERY much